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Small business owners and employees make tons of phone calls during the day; exchanging information, setting meetings, clarifying details. With all that happening, it can be very easy to forget or to confuse details, even right after the call take place. Make it easier to track those details with Tote Notes, this week’s App of the Week.

Tote Notes is an app for the Android system that gives people the opportunity to say a few words about the call right after it ends. When the call ends, Tote Notes pops up and gives you the option of recording a few notes. If you choose to record a few notes, tap “Yes” and starting talking, perhaps reminding yourself of the meeting location, or what you need to bring home after you leave work. When done, tap again, and that’s it. Tote Notes then sends the recorded message to your email with the subject line “Tote Notes: Person You Spoke With”. This email message even comes with an mp3 recording, so you can hear what you recorded.

“Today’s busy professionals use smartphones for the majority of their communication,” says Mercury Mobile CEO, Tim Woloshyn. Mercury Mobile is the company behind Tote Notes. “Tote Notes is the easiest way to track the details of every call while you’re on the go and not in a place to take down detailed notes — things like follow-up tasks, transaction details or other important take-aways from your daily conversations.”

Tote Notes was released less than a month again, and in its initial release the app will include both a free and at-cost version. Competitively priced to other productivity apps in the marketplace, the at-cost version is available for $3.99, which provides enhanced email options as well as increased recording time. For large organizations and sales teams, an API will be available, allowing the core functionality of Tote Notes to easily incorporate itself with the end users’ customized CRM network.

“Tote Notes is both scalable and flexible, so it’s suitable for independent contractors as well as corporate sales teams. We created the app so that it easily integrates with email filters, so it can be used with Microsoft Outlook, other sales tools or CRM solution sets. I am very excited about this application because I’ve seen nothing like it in the marketplace and it’s easy to use: just two touches and your voice,” said Woloshyn.

To see this week’s App of the Week in action, check out this video below:

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