Does Your Phone System Popup Customer Information When They Call?

Phone systems are pretty boring.

Sure, companies, such as M5 Networks or Ring Central provide outsourced phone systems that do all sorts of fancy things. One of these “fancy things” that can increase productivity and customer relations is to have your customer contact information popup on your computer screen when the phone rings.

These features are also about the particular phone you have on your desk, such as the Panasonic KX-TG9471 phone, which Panasonic recently told me about.

Panasonic’s phone, in particular uses a Contact Sync feature. You connect the phone to your PC via a USB cable, when someone calls you, their contact information will automatically trigger a Microsoft Outlook contact to pop up on your screen- making caller information and notes from previous calls readily available at a users fingertips. No more “I can’t remember for who I’m talking to, or what I owe them!!.” The feature also allows users to make calls directly from their PC. Did I mention that the phone also has two lines- perfect for a home office, it allows for one business line and one personal line, without having to buy an additional base unit.

Lesson learned: always look for ways to take your existing technology and see what else it can do for you. If your existing technology can’t do much – you might want to work with your IT consultant to help you.

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    Vocalocity (small business VoIP provider) also provides this feature. Although, our solution is unique in that the MS Outlook integration actually comes in the form of a plugin (or app), easily installed in our Vocalocity Desktop, a free interface that integrates a whole catalog of applications, including MS Outlook,, MS Dynamics, Caller Locator, LinkedIn, Google Search, and more. 

    By connecting your phone system to all your most productive office software, you gain that competitive advantage by providing instant access to critical information, saving time, keeping you connected, and improves your overall sales intelligence. Contact us for more information: 1.877.862.2562 or


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