Easy Tool Helps You Sell Your Products On Your Customer’s Cell Phones – MovyloShop

I can’t help thinking about the excitement I had as I would use Prodigy to chat and then started exploring AOL’s cool interface. This was back in the early 1990’s and if my memory is correct late 1980’s.

Today there is a blazing new crop of tools that let business owners do so much more – like in 15 minutes put their inventory online to sell on smartphones.

MovyloShop is a powerhouse service, with Constant Contact  integration!

There’s several things that I like about this service, namely that it’s easy to use. But some of the features include:

  • A mobile deal creator – users can create mobile deals and coupons in less than five minutes.
  • A mobile store creator – users can create an online store to sell a single product/service or upload multiple products.
  • Optional promotion using: SMS, QR Codes, Custom URL, Facebook and Twitter.
  • A mobile physical store locator to help customers find an SMB’s physical store.

The MovyloShop integration with Constant Contact enables users to promote their deals by email accessing their Constant Contact account directly on their mobile device.

If you’ve got a retail presence and want to taste enabling your mobile customers to buy from you, MovyloShop seems like a great place to shop. One caveat – it is critical that your inventory and customer data is INTEGRATED. So if you have a robust product list and business processes you might need a more robust tool than what MovyloShop offers.

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