Review: 5 File Share Tools For Productive Professionals

Check out Ramon’s full review of these tools in his OPEN Forum article.

I use file sharing all the time to ensure that my distributed team members have access to critical files, just as if we were on the same network in a traditional office.

File sharing also enables solo business owners with no team to have remote access to files, which is critical when traveling. File sharing gives you mobility, allowing team members to work from anywhere they can find an Internet connection. (And where can’t you, these days?)

Having files in a single place helps you be more organized: Multiple versions being passed around by email don’t muddy the waters.

Finally, file sharing makes it easy to collaborate. Employees can contribute without being chained to desks in a single office.

So, we know file sharing is helpful, but can you afford it?

Many apps come with a free version and some pro versions run as little as $10 a month. Most are extremely easy to use, and many come with the added bonus of being not just sharing tools but also full-blown backup systems.

Check out Ramon’s full review of these tools in his OPEN Forum article.

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