Stop Buying Inkjet Printers and Other Printer Advice From Tech & Biz Guru Gene Marks

My friend Gene Marks suggests that you stop buying inkjet printers.

The ink (or rather tone) is expensive in laser printers, but they last longer and you’ll get less paper jams, Gene advised in his regular column for Forbes.

I’m not sure I agree with him about not buying inkjets and I KNOW that the folks at Epson don’t agree (as they specialize in inkjet printers).

However, other advice he writes about in regard to printer buying is:

  • – install an ink saving program on your computer to help your printer use less ink
  • – use a wireless printer
  • – buy a printer that can connect directly to the Internet (read one of my articles on this here)

This is just a few of Gene’s words of wisdom.

Printers are still quite useful office appliances. If your printer is old and getting ready to die, recycle it, read Gene’s full article here – regular column for Forbes

4 thoughts on “Stop Buying Inkjet Printers and Other Printer Advice From Tech & Biz Guru Gene Marks

  1. Anonymous

    Generally I find Ramon’s blog posts useful, but this one missed the mark on two counts.  The first is facts.  “The ink is expensive in laser printers …”  Laser printers use toner, not ink.  

    “Buy a printer that can connect directly to the Internet.”  If you read the Gene Marks article you discover that he is speaking about a special feature in some HP printers that facilitate sending print jobs to the printer via a special email address.  The author calls that cloud printing capability, which is far different than the concept of a printer connected directly to the Internet.  As of the moment I do not believe it is possible to directly connect a printer to the Internet.  If so, I would love to get the instructions.

    The second problem is grammar.  You can find the mistakes for yourself.  I just find it very distracting to wade through articles when I have to reassemble them into something readable in order to make sense of them and get to the author’s point.  Perhaps this post was written in haste.  If so, the lesson here is to slow down, get your facts and grammar straight and then proofread before posting. 

    • Ramon Ray

      Bob – THANK YOU very much – will go through and edit this one NOW !!! 🙂 And yes I should have been more clear in regard to the “internet connectivity”

      • Anonymous

        Ramon,  You’re welcome and I want you to know that I wasn’t ragging on you.  You really do a fine job with your blog and this one was so uncharacteristic that I was quite surprised by it.

        I hope that we get to see each other again at a conference in 2012.  Best wishes for a great New Year!


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