4 Things To Do If You’re Hacked – Memorize This List Today

Being hacked is scary. It’s like someone invading your home – you feel violated and worse your property is stolen and you don’t know what the damage may or may not be.

If you’re hacked, there are four things you need to do, the New York Times writes, with an expert in in forensic security.

  • Move quickly
  • Secure your network (all at once not in pieces)
  • Analyze security and related network logs
  • Inform affected users (if credit cards were stolen you’ve got to let people know)

The New York Times writes:

The first thing a forensics team will do is try to get the hackers off the company’s network, which entails simultaneously plugging any security holes, removing any back doors into the company’s network that the intruders might have installed, and changing all the company’s passwords.

“This is something most people fail at,” Mr. Mandia said. “It’s like removing cancer. You have to remove it all at once. If you only remove the cancer in your leg, but you have it in your arm, you might as well have not had the operation on your leg.”

Of course you should do what you can to ensure you are NOT hacked. But if you are – following these broad steps will help you get back on track.

2 thoughts on “4 Things To Do If You’re Hacked – Memorize This List Today

  1. Mark Anthony Germanos

    I think early detection is the key. Some people go weeks or months without suspecting anything. It’s only after some questionable charges appear on a charge card statement or they start bouncing checks that they start asking questions.


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