Forging a Positive Online Reputation: Dealing with Negative Reviews

It is small world. We all share a kind of reputation with our family, friends and neighbors. Whether it is your personal or professional life, a good reputation helps you to gain respect from the people around you. Your reputation is a reflection of your identity.
How crucial is reputation to a company? Just think about few big companies like BP, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley etc. that have lost their credibility and reputations in last few years. A lost or tarnished reputation can sink a company.
On the other hand companies like Google, Kraft Food, Johnson & Johnson, SAS, NetApp etc. have attained a strong reputation from customers, employees and stakeholders. These days, a company’s good name is everything. A good reputation will make things easy for you.

A Good Rapport Can’t Be Build Overnight:

Building a good reputation is like building a relationship. It takes time and it is your persistent actions that will help you earn that golden rep. For this purpose, you don’t really need to expand and use up thousands of dollars. It is important to be genuinely interested in others and staying true and honest to yourself and others. You should never forget to thank your investors/donors, even if you are not looking for their future investment or donation. The point is that you need to appreciate what they already did for your company. I have seen many companies, which contact their investors only when they want something from them.

Rebuilding a Damaged Reputation:

If you had made a mistake, it is better you accept it and promise that you will not do it again. If you have received negative reviews on a site such as Yelp or Angie’s List, don’t ignore it and always respond. Organize your thoughts! Do your best to resolve business disputes and customer complaints without being accusatory. Be responsive to local media requests. Small businesses should try to develop good relations with members of the community and support local causes. By doing good for community, and local surroundings can grow your happiness, success and your quality of life.

What Should Small Businesses Do about Bad Reviews?

It is not good if you just delete the negative reviews posted on your website. Every business gets bad reviews sometimes, so make these reviews a part of the feedback loop. Enable consumers to take control of the conversation, good or bad, and you should work to massage perceptions and nudge the conversation in the right direction. Never become angry or abusive with your customer.

Remember, whatever reputation you have, it is earned by you. It takes a lot of time to build a reputation and it takes few minutes to ruin it. Concentrate on helping others, you reputation will flourish automatically.

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Mandira Srivastava

Mandira Srivastava is based in Bangalore, India. Equipped with mass communication degree, she started her career as editor-coordinator at Vadamalia media. She is a professional writer with over 4 years of experience and specializes in article writing, article rewriting and custom content development for websites & blogs.

5 thoughts on “Forging a Positive Online Reputation: Dealing with Negative Reviews

  1. Steven K Dale

    Your logic is flawed. Very few negative reviews are post on company sites, They are posted on review sites of which you CANNOT erase. Then it’s time to blast your brand name with press release, push for more reviews, set up more accounts of review sites, and set up review sites of your own. This kind of reputation repair requires a full frontal assault ASAP. 

  2. Martin Panayotov

    There are some good examples on how to turn negative reviews into a positive overall perception by writing a great response. Responding to customer reviews should be a priority to companies that want to manage their reputation more effectively. Your potential customers will always read your response after reading the review.

  3. ReviewCap

    We just started what can be considered an online complaint service. Allowing customers to write a review and rate businesses at the point of sale. Businesses can decide to either keep the input to themselves or publish it. This lets the company learn where they may need to improve and gives customers the option to complain directly to the business, rather than going to the internet where the business will probably never see the complaint. I’m not sure i can post a link here but it’s worth a try is a service that effects change. If customers are unhappy about the service, product or treatment then what needs to happen is change and posting on facebook or poor mouthing on review sites about the business in question will not do anything to rectify the situation. People should get what the pay for and companies need to be help responsible when this doesn’t happen, but they also need to know about it. A business should not lose 10% because the waiter had an off day, or because the master chef was out sick. Online reviews sites are great and give consumers great power but with great power, you know the rest.


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