Online File Storage and Sync Services Mature and Expand Features (Mozy Stash Launches)

Mozy has traditionally been known as an online backup service, competing head to head with Carbonite.

However, Mozy recently announced a new service, Stash, that allows you to synchronize files across computers and mobile devices.

File synchronization services such as Mozy, Dropbox, SugarSync, CX and Microsoft SkyDrive make it very easy for highly mobile professionals to access files from wherever they are – knowing they’ll always have the latest version of the file with them.

There are so many services starting up that you can try many of them and use the one which works best for you.

One caveat, ensure the service you are using is not a haven for illegal content or its possible that the authorities will shut it down as in the case of alleged intellectual property theft by Megaupload.


8 thoughts on “Online File Storage and Sync Services Mature and Expand Features (Mozy Stash Launches)

  1. Tony Bradley

    Personally, I use Box, which also automatically syncs data from a designated folder on my laptop to the cloud, and makes that same data accessible from Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and more.

    From an SMB perspective, though, I would think something more robust would be wiser. In other words, I think Mozy is fine for an individual, but a business needs tools that allow for managing multiple users and systems, and meeting compliance and mobility needs as discussed in this article:

    What are your thoughts?

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  2. Nick Braak

    I would put the 1 Tb Mozy drive to excellent use in my business. I already use and recommend Mozy, both the personal paid and pro versions. The long upload time over the ‘net is the only reason why I haven’t sent all my hundreds of gigabytes of data there already. 

    Otherwise I would use the drive to set up multiple virtual machine/partition environments to monitor and test browser and website tracking protection software, along with testing a variety of disk encryption software for ease-of-use and robustness. I get asked for recommendations on these kind of tools frequently!

  3. lJanet Robles

    My afterschool program takes me to 10 different schools where I constantly need to find files, a lot of them are videos and student projects. I would love to have a huge drive to be able to access the files anywhere!

  4. Rick Brooks

    The Mozy Data Shuttle is the ONLY way to use a cloud backup service.  Our storage needs exceed the bandwidth required to transfer the data.


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