Social Media Integration Is Not Enough. Automated Social Sales Triggers Are Even Better.

There are many online services that have successfully integrated social CRM of in one way or another into their offerings. Two companies that immediately come to mind are Nimble and BatchBook. Of course is also a huge leader in this space. However, what many of these offerings are missing is the ability to automate a response as part of an automated and integrated marketing campaign.

For example, you have a sales campaign to sell your grape jelly during Easter. Wouldn’t it be great if every time someone shared a story you wrote in your email newsletter, that you could add them to a list to receive more information about Jelly? This kind of customer intelligence not only brings you closer to your customers but also helps you provided more target information to customers who have shown the highest desire to want more of it.

To this point, Infusionsoft  added  huge amount of social media features to its core offering.

The new features allow customers to include sharing buttons in their emails and Web forms and trigger automated actions after a social snippet button is clicked. Users now have better visibility in to who is sharing and what type of content is being shared. Having this data helps them segment and target their sales and marketing efforts to their lists of prospects and customers much more effectively.

Key features allow users to:

  • Broadcast hosted emails and Web forms through Facebook and Twitter. Users can create simple landing pages using the Drag & Drop Web Form Builder, publish them on Facebook and Twitter, and capture leads through social media without having to create full landing pages and custom URLs.
  • Include a social snippet in their emails and Web forms that allow subscribers to “like” and/or “share” the content with their contacts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The shared pages include a hosted Web form, giving customers a way to capture leads though social media.
  • Trigger automated follow-up actions after a social snippet button is clicked. Users can track who is sharing content socially and what content is most popular. They can then follow up with the customers that share with targeted information.
  • Measure and report on social media sharing activity. Infusionsoft provides a variety of reports to track opt-ins generated through social media as well as the number of times an email is shared and viewed.

Bottom line, if you have a product to sell or do marketing CAMPAIGNS ensuring that you can integrate social media triggers and not just email response triggers to your campaign could be very important to making the campaign even more successful.

6 thoughts on “Social Media Integration Is Not Enough. Automated Social Sales Triggers Are Even Better.

  1. Paul Sokol

    A great idea would be to create a single email follow-up sequence that goes out 1 day after someone is added. The email is just a short and quick ‘Thank you for Tweeting/Liking/etc.’.  Write it like you wanted to thank this person, but really didn’t have much time; it will appear more real. For best results, you’ll want to actually create an email for each type of social media interaction.

    Now, using the Social Media snippets inside an email, add an action to add someone to the appropriate ‘thank you’ sequence when they Like, Tweet, or +1.

    How good would you feel if you were to share something and then the next day the author sends you a personal thanks?

    • Ramon Ray

      Paul – you are so right. I think this is way cool. I know my “problem” is how to find time to get this all done and setup and the fear of TOO much automation – maybe I forgot about a campaign that was automated? 🙂

      • Paul Sokol

        Super delayed, but Disqus told me I had a reply to this comment so I checked it out. It’s actually pretty timely because the social sharing forms are now fully available in the Campaign Builder; before you could only use a Legacy form.

        Flag me down sometime if you are ever around the office. I’d love to meet you in person! Plus, I’d be more than happy to let you pick my brain if you have any questions 🙂

  2. Jon Ferrara

    Social Listening is not enough. Effective Engagement is key to Customer Acquisition and Retention.  Mae West said “Out of site is out of mind and out of mind is out of money honey!”  You never know when your customer is going to make a buyng decision and you can’t depend on sales people to follow up. There are just too many leads. 

    In my previous company, GoldMine, we created a thing called Automated Processes, that automated the sales process.  Today many people do that with marketing platforms like Mailchimp and HubSpot.  Rather than build the kitchen sink into Nimble I believe in choice and that’s why Nimble will integrate to many different Sales, Marketing, customer Service and accounting systems to create a hub which integrates and automates the flow of a Social Business.


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