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ThursdayLogMeIn: Free Mobile App To Access Remote Computer Desktops From iPad

Advanced Malware Analysis Tools Utilized by Federal Defense, Law Enforcement and Civilian Agencies Now Available to Corporate Enterprises

New Company Monetizing Social Media for Consumers and Brands

RPost Debuts New Class of Mobile Messaging for When Your Message Counts





LogMeIn: Free Mobile App To Access Remote Computer Desktops From iPad

WOBURN, Mass. — LogMeIn (Nasdaq:LOGM) just unveiled a free mobile app to bring its signature remote desktop capabilities to even more iPads and iPhones. Featuring the same remote access experience that made LogMeIn Ignition the top grossing 3rd party iPad app of 20101, the new app lets any iOS owner remotely view, access and control their PCs or Macs from their iPad or iPhone. It works with LogMeIn’s flagship free remote access offering, LogMeIn Free, giving iOS users unlimited free mobile access to their remote computers, anywhere with an internet connection.

Advanced Malware Analysis Tools Utilized by Federal Defense, Law Enforcement and Civilian Agencies Now Available to Corporate Enterprises

GFI Software helps large enterprises more effectively defend against cyber-attacks

Clearwater, Fla. – GFI Software’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) today announced the latest in a series of enhancements to GFI SandBox (formerly CWSandBox) that are making dynamic malware analysis more accessible to cyber-security professionals defending enterprises of all sizes. GFI SandBox is one of the industry’s leading malware analysis solutions. It enables users to test files and URLs for potential threats within a controlled environment so they can deploy and implement appropriate defenses when advanced malware and sophisticated cyber-attacks are discovered.

GFI SandBox 4.0, scheduled for release Feb. 7, will make advanced malware analysis quicker and easier. The solution’s new Malware Determination Engine provides users with risk levels of “Low”, “Medium”, “High” or “Known” for each potential malware sample analyzed. Many users typically submit thousands of samples a day to their GFI SandBox to help identify the sophisticated malware attacks often undetected by standard security solutions. The Malware Determination Engine enables security teams to more efficiently evaluate the increasing volume of malware and cybercrime plaguing enterprises across all industries.

Additionally, users will be able to implement custom determination rules—based on the hundreds of thousands of malware behavior traits detected by GFI SandBox—to assign their own risk levels to samples that perform suspicious and potentially malicious activities.

New Company Monetizing Social Media for Consumers and Brands

Two entrepreneurs who have recently left their positions with Google and IBM, Ryan and Andrew Landau, will be  launching PowerVoice– a company designed to monetize social networking and allow individuals to utilize their influence to promote products and services and get compensated for it in the process. PowerVoice is launching this month,

The PowerVoice model is unique, straightforward and sustainable. PowerVoice negotiates a marketing agreement with companies and their brands. PowerVoice then provides a paying customer (or sale) to the brand for a fee. Lastly, PowerVoice takes part of that fee and passes it along to the original consumer that acted as a conduit for the transaction to occur.

The next wave of online marketing is harnessing consumer-to-consumer relationships and taking advantage of the friend-to-friend perspective. PowerVoice will automate the ability to measure the influence of a particular individual and ultimately be able to tailor advertising specifically to the influencer and their friends.

RPost Debuts New Class of Mobile Messaging for When Your Message Counts

Users can now send Registered Email messages with one click from most mobile devices, providing time-stamped legal records of delivery, encryption to secure content delivered to any recipient anywhere, and simple methods of signing and obtaining recipient signatures on messages and documents.

Las Vegas, Nev. – RPost has extended its Registered Email® services to create a new class of mobile messaging for high value messages that need email proof, encryption for extra privacy, or e-signatures on messages or documents.

Understanding recent trends, email traffic is becoming more and more the method of corresponding when you have something important to say — casual messages are moving to texting and Facebook, faxing is outdated and cumbersome, and paper-based U.S. mail has become a tool of the past when reliability, trust and speed are essential. However, standard email is feature-limited, and as is often the case when sending from mobile devices, leaves one to wonder whether or not a message that really counts was received.

With newfound comfort in decade old electronic signature and transaction laws, and more important messages being transmitted by email from mobile devices, RPost now brings its Registered Email® legal electronic messaging services to the most popular mobile platforms.  RPost calls this mobile messaging platform RMail® Mobile.

When sending messages that have consequence, senders can now send RMail mobile messages with confidence from their BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. RMail messages provide the sender instant proof; proof of delivery within time deadlines; legally verifiable proof of who knew what when, or who legally agreed to what when; and all with options for encryption for end-to-end privacy. RMail Mobile also includes legal electronic signatures to lock in agreements on attached documents or messages typed in email body text, enhanced deliverability with read receipts, and proof records specially routed or stored for easy reference after the fact. The recipient needs nothing on their end and can receive messages to any mobile or desktop Internet connected computer or device.

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