Tech Thursday (Jan 5) – Avira, GFI Software, LogMeIn, Drobo, Infratel

ThursdayAvira Launches Avira Endpoint Security to Expand Micro and Small Business Product Line

GFI Software Bolsters Patch Management Software 

LogMeIn Ignition for iPad/iPhone Adds Dropbox, Google Docs Integration

Drobo and Pogoplug Partner to Deliver the Personal Cloud

Virtual Phone Receptionist Helps SMBs Sound More Professional, Stay Better Connected

Avira Launches Avira Endpoint Security to Expand Micro and Small Business Product Line

Configuration Wizard Simplifies Central Management; Perfect Security Solution for Micro and Small Businesses

Tettnang, Germany – IT security expert Avira announced today a new product aimed at micro and small business users: Avira Endpoint Security. Available for both Windows and Unix users, Avira Endpoint Security includes features designed to simplify security set-up and administration for businesses with more than 3 users.

Avira Endpoint Security consists of the following components: Avira Management Console, Configuration Wizard, Avira Professional Security and Avira Server Security (both for Windows and Unix). The Configuration Wizard allows users to install, set up and manage distributed endpoint machines from one central point. This capability makes Avira Endpoint Security ideal for any business that wants to protect its network without the hassle of a complex installation, configuration or administration procedures.

Avira Endpoint Security was built specifically for micro and small businesses with the following characteristics:

– 3+ employees/users or more
– Microsoft or Unix operating systems installed on PC/Server endpoints
– Active directory
– Needing both PC and Fileserver protection

“Seventy-one percent of our corporate customers have fewer than 100 users. These micro and small-sized businesses have outgrown consumer-grade security software but they don’t need the complexity and cost of large enterprise systems,” said Travis Witteveen, COO at Avira. “So we developed Avira Endpoint Security to target their needs for basic fileserver and endpoint protection along with most-wanted features like easy setup and administration.”

GFI Software Bolsters Patch Management Software 

Clearwater, Fla. – GFI Software continues to strengthen GFI LanGuard™, the company’s comprehensive network vulnerability scanning and patch management software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company today released several enhancements to GFI LanGuard that enable IT administrators to deploy critical software patches to PCs, workstations, servers and other devices that have been powered off, as well as to create custom vulnerability scanning and remediation policies for vital systems or groups of systems.

“The improvements we’ve made to GFI LanGuard 2011 will go a long way to improving the security of our SMB customers’ networks while simultaneously easing the burden on the network during normal work hours,” said Cristian Florian, product manager, GFI Software. “New threats are constantly created and there is a heightened need for administrators to ensure that network vulnerability levels are accurately assessed and that their infrastructure is secure and patched, while interfering as little as possible with business operations.”

Enhanced features of GFI LanGuard 2011 include:

  • Wake on LAN – Frees administrators from working around their end users’ work day to scan and patch machines. A powered down machine can be turned on, updated and shut down remotely. This results in power consumption savings as well eliminates the need to perform patch management during normal business hours.
  • Custom Protection Settings – Enables administrators to specify custom protection criteria and settings for individual systems, so reports reflect that while a PC may not appear fully patched, it is not a threat to the network.
  • Create Custom Computer Groups – Enables administrators to group or filter computers based on custom criteria such as location, department, operating systems, etc. and then generate reports specific to those groups.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPad/iPhone Adds Dropbox, Google Docs Integration 

Creates way to move files on remote computers to the cloud

WOBURN, Mass. – LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) just published an update to its popular LogMeIn Ignition for iPad/iPhone app that blends the best of cloud services and remote access into a single app.  Featuring integration with Dropbox and Google Docs, the new Ignition update gives iOS users the ability to quickly and seamlessly view, copy, transfer and save files between their mobile devices, personal or work computers, and popular cloud services.  As a result, iPad and iPhone owners can access all of their digital files from anywhere with an internet connection – and never have to worry about forgetting to put a file into the cloud.

Existing LogMeIn Ignition for iPad/iPhone users can take advantage of the new cloud integration capabilities through a free update. New users can get the app in the iTunes App Store for a one-time fee of $29.99.

More information on the new capabilities is available on LogMeIn’s product blog, http://B.LogMe.In.

The LogMeIn Ignition for iPad/iPhone app gives users the ability to remotely access PCs and Macs from an iOS device – remotely view and control computers or simply access the computers’ file systems.  With the introduction of My Cloud Bank, users of Ignition can now:

•             Transfer files and folders between remote computers and the cloud while on the go

•             View files and folders on their computers and popular cloud storage and sync services like Dropbox and Google Docs on their iPad and/or iPhone

•             Save files from the cloud or remote computers on to an iOS device

“The anywhere, anytime, any device benefits of remote access and cloud services have always been closely aligned.  With the introduction of My Cloud Bank, we’re delivering the best of both worlds, giving users intuitive, single point access to their files wherever they are stored,” said Andrew Burton, SVP Products at LogMeIn.  “We see it as an important step in expanding the value of remote access and the cloud to all of a user’s digital information – a virtual insurance policy for always having important files at your finger tips.”

Drobo and Pogoplug Partner to Deliver the Personal CloudJoint partnership brings Pogoplug Cloud to Drobo customers, for remote file access, cloud storage and media streaming from any device

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Drobo , makers of award-winning data storage products for businesses and professionals, and Pogoplug, creators of the award-winning line of streaming and sharing devices, today announced a partnership to deliver a comprehensive personal cloud solution for anytime, anywhere access to files. Drobo customers will have access to free cloud storage, remote file access and digital media streaming using Pogoplug Cloud, a new service announced last week.

Using Pogoplug Cloud, customers can turn their Drobo into a multi-terabyte private cloud that provides secure, remote access to their entire digital library of documents, movies, photographs, games and music files. The agreement between Drobo and Pogoplug also provides Drobo users with 10GB of free public cloud storage – ideal for syncing valuable files between Drobo and the cloud.

“Small businesses, professionals, and consumers already store large collections of files on their Drobo,” said Tom Buiocchi, CEO of Drobo. “Adding remote access, media streaming and other cloud capabilities turns the Drobo into the ultimate personal cloud – combining the simple, reliable storage Drobo users have come to expect with the flexibility and freedom of the cloud.”

Designed specifically for customers who require storage capacity without the complexity and price of legacy storage, Drobo delivers sophisticated yet easy-to-use and affordable storage solutions for professionals and businesses. Every Drobo is powered by the patented BeyondRAID technology that automates traditional storage challenges such as data protection, capacity expansion, and application performance optimization.

Virtual Phone Receptionist Helps SMBs Sound More Professional, Stay Better Connected

Infra Cloud Receptionist Starts at $9.99 a Month Via Cloud Service Providers, Works with Existing Landline and Cell Phones

RENTON, Wash., — Infratel, a leading provider of telephony services for the small business market, today announced the launch of Infra Cloud Receptionist – a Cloud-based telephony service that arms small businesses with a more professional and connected approach to incoming calls using their own 1-800 number and existing landline and mobile phones.

The new service provides a feature-rich, virtual front-office phone system that gives small businesses the ability to remain responsive and professional even when employees are unavailable to take every call.  Fast and easy set-up and low costs are unique benefits of the Infra Cloud Receptionist.  An efficient web-based interface provides customers with easy-to-use controls giving them access to everything they need to manage incoming calls, freeing their time to be spent on business objectives rather than IT administration.

“We are enabling hosting companies to deliver a solution that provides their SMB customers a professional phone presence.  This phone presence complements their professional web presence and can be bundled to create value for the SMB and stickiness for the hoster,” said Craig Ball, head of sales for Infratel’s North American operations. “Only 50 percent of all SMBs in the U.S. currently use a PBX system, and only seven percent are tapping the benefits of a hosted or virtual solution.  We believe our solution will help SMBs project the professional image they desire without all the cost and complexity normally associated with PBX and hosted systems.”

At launch, Infra Cloud Receptionist will offer three separate tiers of service and pricing including: a Starter package that’s priced at $9.99 per month, the Growing package at $29.99 per month and the Bustling package at $99.99 per month. More details on each of these packages can be viewed at the company’s website at

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