What A Calif University’s Choice of Google Apps Over Microsoft Office 365 Means For Your Business

Wired reports that the University of California at Berkeley, in the latest battle of cloud based email and collaboration services chose Google Apps over Office 365 for its students.

What’s revealing about their choice is that the IT department detailed why they choose Google but also shared that Microsoft’s Office 365 had several things going for it better than Google.

While this “win” for Google is big, let it be a lesson to you and your business that it’s critical that you carefully analyze all facets of a technology implementation before using it in your business.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • Google Apps is entirely web site. Office 365 still relies on software, namely Microsoft Office for full functionality.
  • Berkeley could migrate from their old email service to Google much faster than they could to Office 365
  • Installing Office 36e would require software installation on computers, as opposed to only user a web browser.
  • Berkeley liked that Microsoft could straddle software and the cloud
  • Many of it’s students were already familiar with Gmail – same interface as Google Apps
  • Office 365 has a better and more powerful calendar than Google. But only 5% of the users would need the powerful features.
  • Microsoft Office 365 has better security than Google – but only by a small margin

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  • http://twitter.com/kenpolson Ken Polson

    Great insight! Get used to this story. “Many of it’s students were already familiar with Gmail – same interface as Google Apps” — This is the key. Google has won over future business decision makers, which has the potential to bury Office in the next several years. This also shows that Microsoft’s “Software + Services” strategy is flawed (probably fatally).

    • http://Smallbiztechnology.com Ramon Ray

      Ken, thanks, I didn’t think about this angle – the FUTURE business owners – so this is a LONG term mind shift (aka Salesforce.com) from software to saas – but Microsoft will also continue to morph and shift

  • http://www.theageoftheplatform.com Phil Simon

    I’m still not convinced that MS has completely embraced the cloud. Powerful forces within the company still think very much in terms of Office and Windows. Google is a cloud-native company and isn’t tied as much to legacy apps.


    • http://Smallbiztechnology.com Ramon Ray

      do you see them migrating more to the cloud 100% ?

      • http://www.theageoftheplatform.com Phil Simon

        They have no choice but consumers aren’t waiting for MS to get its act together.