Your Competition Will Use Tech To Beat You: 4 Ways You Can Fight Back – Lessons From Google Travel

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Travel-industry companies and advocates are complaining that Google is abusing its power, according to The Wall Street Journal. Because Google controls the search market, which it has done through better innovation and timing than its competitors, detractors say it must limit the other products or services it offers.

This latest skirmish highlights that Google Travel now shows airline rates in the top search results of flight information. It also links to the airlines’ websites where customers can buy tickets.

Whether this deserves anti-trust action is up to the U.S. government and travel advocates. I don’t think Google’s move is unethical or incorrect.

Just as’s price checker is not the enemy of local businesses, these moves by big companies are to be expected.

What should businesses affected by these moves do?

Any size business can do several things.

Read the full article on OPEN Forum

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