10 Ways Online Software Can Boost Your Business’s Growth (Neat Infographic Included)

I’m not going to bore you with yet another “Cloud 101” article, you can just search Smallbiztechnology.com for more information on this. However, I do want to keep driving the point, that for many of you, off premise, online software (cloud computing) is the way to go. Of course for those who need an on premise server, servers such as Microsoft Small Business Server Essential are a great solution.

Back to the point of cloud computing, there are many ways that you can replace your on premise software and servers and instead let other companies manage these things for you – on their servers.

  • Overall startup costs for any business are load with no need to purchase hardware, software or pay for installation
  • Phone system (companies like Ring Central and M5 provide great options)
  • Backup and disaster recovery – if your entire business blows up, a proper backup and disaster recovery solution enables you to recover ALL of your customer and product information from any computer, quickly.
  • Traditional file sharing servers are not needed when you can use a number of file sharing services – in the cloud. Dropbox, CX.com, Yousendit, Carbonite, SkyDrive (Microsoft), Egnyte and other solutions work great.
  • Collaboration with team members and clients can be done easily with Zoho, Google Apps, Hyper Office and other solutions.
  • For customer management , BatchBook, InfusionSoft, Marketo, Salesforce.com and others will do just perfecdt
  • With all your information in the cloud, remote access is built in.
  • I could go on, but online services can handle all of your business needs, including HR, Payroll and more. Whether you want QuickBooks Online, Xero, Indinero or Outright – even your cash flow can be managed. Check out The Small Business Web

Rackspace has a very nice infographic which outlines a lot of these points and more. You can see it here or below:


2 thoughts on “10 Ways Online Software Can Boost Your Business’s Growth (Neat Infographic Included)

  1. Daniel Pollock

    So Ray, where does a technically challenged person such as myself get started with the web site hosting and building services you mentioned?  I have reviewed some info on wordpress and drop box, however these sites appear to be geared strictly towards blogging and file storage.

  2. Ramon Ray

    I would suggest TWO THINGS: most every good Web host will guide you through how to setup your web site – Intuit Web sites, yahoo hosting, goDaddy, network solutions, webs.com and others. OR speaking with someone, in your local area, maybe 2 hours could also be VERY good….


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