Does Your Help Desk Consist Of Hollering Across A Cubicle? Are Your Customers Frustrated ( Launches)

We’ve learned from legendary companies such as, Zappos, Ritz Carlton and many other great brands that customer service is essential. Great customer service is not accidental but takes several things, all must work right:

  • Management who believes in customer service
  • Employees who believe in it
  • Training of employees in how to do great customer service
  • Tools to enable a growing company to consistently deliver customer service
Without the right tools, your management can love customer service and your employees can believe in it but it will be hard to deliver on these promises without technology to help implement your desires.

One of these tools is’s (developed by Assistly).

According to the press release: enables businesses to deliver personal customer service by offering a help desk that is social, mobile and simple to use and deploy. Built with social at its core, allows any business to instantly work with customers over any major social network. Mobile allows companies to carry a help desk in their pocket and answer customers on the go. Finally, is so simple that any company, even one without an IT staff, can get up and running over a weekend. Businesses can sign up for for as little as $49 a month per agent.

John Rote, director of customer experience at Bonobos, one of the speakers of the 7th Annual Small Business Summit said:

At Bonobos, we need to move quickly because if we don’t support the customer, there will not be a customer to support. We have a huge volume of inquiries and a small staff, so customer service is everyone’s job.  After deploying in two days, we had a complete social help desk that everyone in our company can use.


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