Ignore Mobile Users At Your Own Peril: 3 Steps To Help You Cater To Tiny Screen Customers

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Forecasters have been proclaiming the age of m-commerce for a decade now. Yet small enterprises keep doing business the old-fashioned way: online and via email. So I can hear you saying, “Mobile biz? Again? Really?”

As we all know, technological advances typically outpace consumer adoption and social transformation. Remember when wireless broadband was being hailed as a game changer? It was about the time you were thrilled to find dialup service in hotel rooms.

So heads up. M-commerce is close to critical mass:

(Read the full article on Business on Main to see the steps you can take to ensure your business thrives in a mobile world)

  • As of June 2011, there were 323 million U.S. wireless subscriptions, reports CTIA, the industry association. With the U.S. population at about 312 million, that’s a formidable 103 percent market penetration.
  • As of October 2011, almost half of American cell phone users had smartphones (44 percent), according to Nielsen. For users ages 25-34, that jumps to 62 percent.
  • Two of every five smartphone owners (38 percent) used the device to make a purchase in 2011, reports comScore.
  • 62 percent of Americans who use a mobile phone are open to making a purchase with the device, says a May 2011 MasterCard survey.
  • Shopping via mobile devices will grow to $119 billion worldwide by 2015, predicts ABI Research.

Clearly, it’s time to mobilize. These basics can help get you started. Once you identify what works, you can scale up.

Read the full article on Business on Main to see the steps you can take to ensure your business thrives in a mobile world.


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