Joomla: The Hidden Giant of Web Development

Joomla is one of the most widely used open source content management systems available today. Though it’s not as popular as the MIGHTY WordPress, we are yet to discover the hidden treasures that lurk beneath. I am going to discuss the Pros and Cons of using Joomla in this article, so the next time you’re planning to invest on your online presence, you should have an idea where to spend and why!

The Joomla Project is made up of two working groups – the community that helps facilitate an open sharing of ideas within the Joomla community, and production that supports its technical development. Each working group has a leadership team and together they form the larger Joomla Leadership Team.

The Joomla Project is monitored by the Joomla Leadership Team and the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc. – a not-for-profit created to provide organization, legal, and financial support to the Joomla project. The Joomla Project has and always will be 100 percent community owned and operated.

Joomla is the only CMS that combines the ease of use and powerful extensibility necessary to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of users. In fact, its an ideal CMS for small businesses. Whereas others lack either ease of use or extensibility, Joomla takes the best of both worlds in one powerful and simple CMS. Another key differentiator for Joomla is the project’s focus surrounding security, a priority set by the leadership team. Joomla developers are focused on, and excel at, protecting their users.

Let us look at some of the Pros and Cons of Joomla so that it gets easier for you to decide your choice of a CMS.



  • Friendly for most types of users, including administrators and developers.
  • From security’s perspective it’s up to par with the best.
  • Article management is a breeze!
  • Has a huge online community is always at hand to assist you with your website.
  • Newer versions are improving tremendously.
  • Has the ability to easily create a community with a membership area, newsroom, forums, articles etc.


  • Not quite user-friendly for everyone to understand. The interface is not as pretty, straight forward and easy to use as WordPress. Admin section has so many options that most people get giddy the first time they encounter it.
  • Playing with the look of your website is simple if you are happy with changing some colors, banners and the logo etc. But beyond that, you will find that Joomla has a bit of a complicated structure.

I would suggest that you get a good book for Joomla (A beginners guide will get you going). Once you get a hold of the system, then you won’t be facing any trouble with taming this Giant!

So, should you be using Joomla for your online business presence?

The choice is basically in your hands. The content management system that you choose depends on the purpose of your website and your knowledge of handling and progressing with your web presence.

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Farhan Niazi is an experienced web strategist with a passion for blogging. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is currently working for Millennium Hotels and Resorts, New Zealand as their eCommerce Manager. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Joomla: The Hidden Giant of Web Development

  1. Anonymous

    I would strongly recommend against Joomla. Out of all CMS’s stay away from them. Going towards WordPress or even Drupal would be okay, but Joomla is just a hassle to use, and you can rarely get a professional looking site. Both Drupal and WordPress have a large user base and a large community and they all get updates very rapidly. Their pros are all addressed through WordPress and Drupal, and the cons are all addressed through at least WordPress and can be addressed through Drupal. Joomla is far from the CMS you should be selecting for a small business.

      • Anonymous

        Haha. It’s just that, Joomla is nowhere near WordPress or Drupal, and comparing it to them and saying on top of that, that small business users who might not be devs should use it isn’t even close to correct. It is overly complex, and in my whole hearted opinion, I don’t feel it is a very good platform to work with.

        My .02

  2. LgcyMktg

    “but Joomla is just a hassle to use, and you can rarely get a professional looking site.”

    Just as with any other CMS out there, what a site on Joomla looks like all depends on the person developing it.  

    Personally, for a site with multiple sections where you want to have granular control over what is showing in the widget (in case of WordPress) or module locations (for Joomla,) I think Joomla beats WordPress hands down.  It is much easier to select exactly where you want a block to show in Joomla rather than having to use alternate template files calling different widget areas or  using some long hairy conditionals in the theme files in WordPress.

    There is more of a learning curve to using Joomla, and if the extent of someone’s knowledge is how to do a one-click Fantastico install and upload a premade theme, yes, WordPress is probably easier.

  3. Best Blog On Joomla

    I don’t think Joomla is a hidden giant of web development now. It’s been
    considerably long time that Joomla is well known for outstanding
    facilities as a content management system. 

  4. David Kroj

    🙂 Farhan, I am also part of Joomla Developer team and giving a Joomla CMS Development services to our client. Differently i will share your this post to our clients as well as in my team because you have write the right point about joomla technology and services.


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