Learn From Dairy Queen: 2 Lessons In Customer Service and Social Media (Reputation Management)

Customers are talking about you in their homes (they and their mom) and online to thousands of others. What they say in their homes you don’t know about but you surely better know what they are saying and who they are saying it to, online.

When customers leave your retail store and complain on their Facebook status that one of your clerks was a rude jerk, do you know about their complaint.

From Marketing Sherpa, here’s some ways that Dairy Queen has found to improve its reputation online and better serve customers:

If the issue is something simple like just being unhappy with a single product, or the customer’s experience was “just unpleasant this time,” the team will send out a gift card to get that customer back into the store to make another purchase.

Because each store is an independent franchise, if the problem is rude employees or a refusal to refund money, the corporate team at Dairy Queen has to rely on each individual store to handle these issues.

Two lessons Dairy Queen has learned is to not wait for an unhappy customer to contact you – be proactive and second is to listen to customers to improve product development and placement. You’ll hear TripIt’s Scot Hintz speak about this at the upcoming Small Biz Big Things in San Francisco on Feb 7th and the Small Business Summit in New York City on March 6th

Read the full article on Marketing Sherpa.


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