Microsoft Windows 8 Is Coming. Are You Ready? 6 Things Biz Owners and IT Pros Need To Know

Windows 8, the next version of Microsoft Windows operating system is suspected to be released later this year – when I don’t think we know quite yet. Based on the Windows experts I’ve been reading, there are several major updates to Windows 8 that could make it a very compelling upgrade for businesses and individuals.

Our friends at SMB Nation are in fact putting together a 2 days live web cast about Windows 8 on March 2 and 3, you can find out more details here.

If you are a NON TECHIE owner of a business it’s important that you are lightly aware of Windows 8. If you are an IT professional or a techie owner of a business knowing more about Windows 8 is important. Keep in mind, technology, with all other things being equal is almost always a huge competitive differentiator in a business. Windows 8 will offer more direct competition with the Apple ecosystem but also be an important operating system changing, once again, the PC desktop.

But here’s a few things that Windows 8 will have that are new. You can read these resources for full details: Information Week article one, article two and this post from The Tech Labs.

  1. Microsoft SkyDrive will be integrated into Windows 8, giving stiffer competition to any other online file storage service – including DropBox, YouSendIt, Google, Carbonite and Mozy
  2. For mobile devices, Windows 8 will optimize battery life
  3. The new version of Microsoft Office, Office 15, is expected to have a new architecture, Metro, that has a tile like user interface. But there’s a some confusion over if the new Microsoft Office will have a completely new interface, of tiles, or only for certain iterations or versions of it
  4. Windows 8 will be OPTIMIZED for a mobile environment, include sensor support (as in GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer sensing)
  5. Live tiles will be used in Windows 8 – similar to the new Microsoft smartphones. The live tiles can group of applications and show live data.
  6. Microsoft will have a Windows store which will be a place to download new apps for Windows 8

Windows 7 has been working just great for me, but when you upgrade your next computer in 2013, it’ll probably come with a new operating system  – and it looks like you’ll love it.



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  • Anonymous

    These are great tidbits into how the new UI will look.  I found some screen shots from a developer on a blog, which showed a very professional, smooth appearance to the UI.  The integration of Office and Metro is interesting, which this will be a push to stimulate new financial growth for the company.  A lot of current applications will depend on compatibility so I hope that they have a head start on Silverlight, since that is the system my employer, DISH, is using to power  There are tens of thousands of movies and shows that people depend on every day, like me.  There are even people who use that aren’t customers, so compatibility is key.  What confuses me though is whether a program will now be an app?  Does that mean we won’t store the majority of our program on the computer?  There are many questions that remain to be answered.

    • Ramon Ray

      Thanks for much for the added insight

  • Javed Khan

    This is amazing mobile with new features .

  • miguel_gomez

    I just tried Windows 8’s Consumer Preview. I can say that I’m disappointed that the operating system doesn’t include a Start button. On the other hand, though, it’s a very snappy interface with a professional design. Any computer that can run XP can run Windows 8 without blowing up to pieces. It’s very fast and high-performance compared to Windows Vista or 7.

    • Ramon Ray

      My guess is we’ll get used to whatever the final version looks like – but yea – the start button is what we’ve all come to use

  • 4311

    “Windows 8 will offer more direct competition with the Apple ecosystem but also be an important operating system changing, once again, the PC desktop”
    What ever makes a PC more like an Apple.
    Zulma Valdivia