Are Smartphones Getting Smarter Or Are We Humans Getting Dumber?

In the 1991 movie “New Jack City,” Wesley Snipes played fictional Harlem drug lord “Nino Brown.” While driving the streets of Harlem, “Nino” makes a call on his “smartphone.” That primitive cellphone had more in common with a World War II walkie talkie, but the wireless phone revolution had begun.

In 2007, Steve Jobs brought the “smart” to cellphones with the creation of the iPhone. A mere five years later, consumers want  smarter smartphones. Better cameras, better video recording, better audio and apps that can do everything.

Small business owners are demanding smarter smartphones as they have now become our traveling office.

Jared Newman’s PCWorld article “What Smartphones Will Be Like in 2012” offers a view of this year’s phones:

  • BETTER PHONES, CHEAPER PRICES: High-end smartphones get the best of this year’s technology, but last year’s smartphones may be a smarter buy. Apple 3G iPhones will probably be around for another year. According to Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, “The cheapest phones will be Android & we are going to have to look at bringing the costs of our (Windows) handsets down.”

Smartphones are getting smarter, but we humans are not getting dumber.

Humans are inventing  smartphones that cater to our every whim & need.

The demands of our 24/7 world where our work & personal lives blend together makes smarter smartphones an absolute necessity.

Now, if  we “smart” humans could only invent a 24/7, solar-powered, smartphone battery that works for life!

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Jordan Brown is a veteran Writer/Journalist/Actor based in Harlem NYC. The DC native has also called Los Angeles, Chicago, Memphis, Pittsburgh, PA, Oslo & Bergen Norway "Home." Mr. Brown spent many years as Senior Producer at ABC, worked as War Wire Editor at Fox News Channel & Business Radio Producer at Black Enterprise. Since 2005, he has been Publisher-Editor of "The FREE Jordan Brown JOBS Report" His personal mission is to help fellow creative media people find employment in these trouble times!

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    A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform, with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a feature phone.[1][2][3] The first smartphones were devices that mainly combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone or camera phone.


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