Backup Made Easy – Carbonite Has A Plan To Fit Your Small Business

We all know the importance of backup and back in the day when a 4.7 GB DVD was big enough, we did have weekly or monthly backup sessions. But what about today, when you need to backup a 500 GB or a 1 (and more) TB drive? You might get another drive, but do you really need to spend all that money just for backup?

Lucikly, you don’t. is an online service which will backup everything you need in a cloud.

Carbonite now has three unlimited backup plans: Home, HomePlus and HomePremier. You can choose whichever plan suits your needs the best and can get each plan for a period of one, two or three years.

The Home plan offers you simple file and folder online backup, while HomePlus gives you an¬†external hard drive backup and mirror image backup. Let’s explain those new features; External hard drive backup means that all your files, even those stored on your external storage device are backed up offsite. Mirror image backup backs up your operating system and software, your files and folders to an empty external hard drive. Of course, you’ll need to get one yourself. It’s a double win for you, having a backup in the cloud and locally on your dedicated, external hard drive.

Finally, there’s the HomePremier plan, which adds Courier Recovery service to a HomePlus plan. If you have really large amounts of data backed up in the cloud, you probably won’t have enough time to download it all over again once the disaster strikes, right? Well, if you live in the US, Courier Recovery service allows you to have your data delivered to your door in just a couple of days.

If you’re an experienced computer user, you know the importance of backup. Most of the time you don’t have the time to manage your backups, so why don’t you leave it to the cloud and the experts in it?

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