Beyond Excel: Boosting Every Day Business Productivity With Tech Tools (Webinar – 29 March)

On Thursday, March 29th, join me and TrackVia in a free webinar giving you an overview of practical tools and solutions to help you be more productive in your busy day.

Many of us use Excel for just about everything – customer lists, employee lists, records, database and everything else.

However, Excel is not the best tool for the job in many cases – but you don’t know what else to use. Do you?

In this FREE webinar (sign up here) I’ll share with you some of my favorite tools for boosting productivity during the day, and I hope to hear YOUR favorite tools.

Brian McHughs, Senior Solutions Architect will also introduce you to TrackVia and show you how you can take your data and turn it into valuable and rich information for you and for your team.

Will you join me? Register here, for free.

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