Cloud Computing: Are Small Businesses Embracing The Technology?

Almost two decades ago, the advent of Internet and Information Technology has revolutionized the world and now Cloud Computing has radically transformed the way companies conduct business. Cloud computing is a game changer for the next decade and the day is not far away when on-premise, traditionally licensed apps will become a thing of the past.

According to CDW’s Cloud Computing Tracking Poll, 84% of organizations are using at least one cloud application and 76% of small business cloud users say they have reduced the cost of applications moved to the cloud, saving an average of 24% annually. The company has prepared a mini-deck that summarizes small business findings from the tracking poll survey.

Cloud Computing can boost productivity: Cloud computing has impacted everything from agriculture to education and it offers retrieval of information from anywhere, anytime. Many businesses are bullish about the uptake of cloud technologies. Particularly, it is great time for small businesses to consider cloud computing. It has turned attractive to small and medium- sized enterprises because with cloud computing they could cater the additional demand from their IT setup onto the cloud while paying only for usage and saving hundreds of dollars for being unencumbered by the load of operation and management.

Cloud computing has so much to offer to small business, whether it is data storage and sharing ( Dropbox, Google Doc, Jungle Disk ), communication (Voice Over Internet Protocol  services like Skype, Google Voice, Panasonic’s  Cloud Business Phone System ), and other business cloud computing services (QuickBooks Online, BizCom’s cloud-based fax solution ).

Cloud computing and risks: I admire the fact that now small businesses can play as equals with big businesses,  simply because enterprise solutions are now made cheaper and more available than before.  However, security is still an issue; more of ‘where’ and ‘how’ you access that data in the clouds. To minimize your risks, you should not use a public wifi to check on your cloud computing solutions, take data backed up on multiple sources–your office computers, and discuss the risk mitigation with your service provider.

The future of cloud computing is secure and growing stronger with more supporters every day. In this cut- throat competitive world, customer satisfaction and sales are the key components for the success of any business and cloud computing offers innovative user-friendly marketing and sales tools available on internet that may keep you away from hassles of software installations and maintenance.  I would add that we’ll all be in the cloud in a few years. Everything has  a risk, so the cloud’s really no different in that aspect!  So readers, what do you think?

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Mandira Srivastava

Mandira Srivastava is based in Bangalore, India. Equipped with mass communication degree, she started her career as editor-coordinator at Vadamalia media. She is a professional writer with over 4 years of experience and specializes in article writing, article rewriting and custom content development for websites & blogs.

10 thoughts on “Cloud Computing: Are Small Businesses Embracing The Technology?

  1. Brian Childers

    Mandira, I tend to agree with you.  I think you identifying small (& medium in my opinion) businesses being better candidates than enterprise is spot on.  Large enterprises will likely build out their own “private cloud” using their extensive depth of expertise and already-built infrastructure.  In my previous company just a few years back, we had 5 or 6 in-house servers running everything from Quickbooks, to Exchange, to Sharepoint and in the new model I am looking to the cloud for QB Online, Google Apps/Docs, Drop Box, Zoho CRM & iDrive just to name a few.  It not only helps with cost containment & operational support, but provides a great foundation for our consultants to share real-world experience with cloud offerings to our clients.

  2. SpinLessPlates

    Great article Mandira. Cloud computing is a real game changer for small businesses. Being able to access data from anywhere, anytime allows small business owners to mix work and life better as well as keeping larger companies on their toes as it improves our response times and manoeuvrability. 

  3. Mitch_Taube

    Mandira, I agree with you and suggest that cloud computing is a wonderful solution for all size businesses. There are no capital expenditures necessary, software updates are automatic, IT costs are reduced and deignated staff has immediate access to business critical douments and information 24×7 from any web-browser. When analyzing different cloud applications, companies need to make sure the service provides security on multiple layers, offers redundant locations and is highly reliable as determined by uptime.

  4. Rayan cloud

    Many small businesses discover they can switch to the cloud and even stay on their existing equipment! Instead of paying for an expensive server and technicians to maintain them, a small monthly fee can cover all the needs of your organization. Making changes and expanding is also intrinsically easy thanks to the clouds dynamic design. Find out today exactly what the cloud can do for your organization .here in cloud computing blog


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