Freshbook’s Head of Magic: Two Rules Of Marketing Success – First Focus On Customers, Then Digital Tools To Reach Customers (SXSW 2012)

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Saul Colt is the Head of Magic for invoicing service Freshbooks.

He’s never had a large budget to market Freshbooks. However, he is very creative and loves his customers.

At SXSW Interactive we spoke about how small businesses should focus on what they can do to make their customers happy and endear themselves to their customers.

Once business owners build in strategies to continually delight their customers, small businesses (any business) could then consider using social media and other “cool” tools to do more online.

Saul suggested that you read a marketing book from the 1970’s (or maybe a bit later) before social media and web sites became popular. Small businesses can learn from these books “old school” marketing tactics to build better customer relationships.

This short interview is a must watch for all business owners who want to get more customers.

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