RamonsTasteOfTech: Turning Your iPad Into An Ultra Light Notebook With Zagg Folio

I carry both a tablet and a notebook computer. I carry both as I’m nervous being away from a “PC” where I can work on PowerPoints and fully access my Chrome browser and other applications, including video editing. However, the tablet (I’m using an iPad) is much lighter and the battery lasts quite long – 10 hours. The other thing that makes me a bit nervous is that iPad does not have a full sized keyboard – until.

At Ramon’s Taste of Tech – http://www.RamonsTasteOfTech.com I review Zaggs Folio and Keys – two iPad accessories that give you a pretty darn full size keyboard to speed type (not peck) on your iPad.

Check it out.

13 thoughts on “RamonsTasteOfTech: Turning Your iPad Into An Ultra Light Notebook With Zagg Folio

  1. Ramon Ray

    2 weeks ago I announced a contest in my weekly newsletter to give away a Zagg keyboard to someone who Tweeted #ramonstechgiveaway – unfortunately. I realize that it’s hard to search for past Tweets – not only hard but there is no accurate archive. Hence, I’m running the contest again. If you want a bluetooth iPad keyboard submit your thoughts on one of two things here a) how you successfully use mobile technology or b) why you NEED to use mobile technology better in your business. The winning entry will be the one whose submission I deem best, based on expressed need or based on what we learn from you!

    • bsobel226

      I am on the road alot…either in a local Starbucks, Panera, Public Library or local coffee shop and always need access to technology. I love my MacBookAir but I sometimes find it’s more than I need. My smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Epic SII 4G) is great but somewhat limited. I recently received an iPad (3rd generation) and absolutely love it. Not only is is portable and lightweight it does just about everything my MacBook does with a few minor exceptions. I also find making presentations, something crucial in my line of work, is a snap…either a small group or plugged into a projection system with a large group. I also find the more people I talk with who have them the more I learn about tips and tricks I can use with mine. I still think back to the day when I would travel to a client in Atlanta 20 years ago with my Macintosh SE…I still can’t believe I never broke my back with that thing.

      Seriously, I can honestly say that I can do about 90% – 95% of my work on the road these days…and the iPad, for example, is a good example. You wanna know more…keep reading smallbiztechnology.com and you’ll learn more every day!

    • Ivet Bandirma

      iPad, iPhone, notebook, air-card… work BlackBerry… I am connected at the hip, knees, ankles, and any other joint that can be be somehow connected.  I live by my iPhone and iPad.  My iPhone is a home away from home – it stores my most treasured notes and writings, not to mention the hundreds of daily emails I receive from clients and colleagues.  I work for a Corporate Finance firm in NYC… we are busy and clients always need a way to reach me.  I’m also very involved in academia, which is intimately tied to my firm’s work, as I have recently begun doing research for our CEO, who is an Oxford grad., and I myself have been accepted into an MA program at Columbia… my iPad stores all my books, PDFs, literature, etc. ad nauseum… it goes with me on the train, on trips with my family, wherever.  Recently, the CEO asked me to write a chapter in his book… without my iPad, it would not have gotten done.  The iPad was unbelievably essential — I was able to create charts and diagrams, take snapshots of some of our whiteboard work and have those loaded onto the iPad as I wrote the chapter.  It also kept me totally connected to my email (a little too connected).  My notebook almost became obsolete during those 6 weeks of intense research and writing.  I connected to the university libraries, saved PDFs, not to mention the literature I can access through the Kindle and other apps I have.  The chapter is actually in peer review now at Oxford and we are waiting to be able to publish it as a stand-alone paper, obviously bolstering the work we do in the company.

      I love the emails I get from Ramon Ray and I sometimes re-send to clients because there is so much out there; I see the info here as an added value, and I probably wouldn’t have considered the iPad as a must have had I not read some of the articles here :o).  Great service! 

  2. Susan Shapiro

    I just bought the new iPad – about an hour ago – so as to be more productive. I’m tired of waiting for someone or being between meetings and thinking about the document I was editing and not having a computer or outlet etc. So, my challenge (to myself) is to truly validate the expense….the cost of productivity.

  3. bsobel226

    Ramon, Thanks for the overview…I just got my first iPad (new iPad or iPad3) and really love it…however I still find myself toting along my MacBookAir with me for a variety of reasons, primarily because of the lack of keyboard

  4. Joe Foos

    We are a 15-year old IT consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area and in front of clients every day, usually with laptops showing off vendor logos inadvertently.  Several of us use iPads in front of clients as well, especially in more impromptu meetings.  We have decorated our laptop screens with our own branded stickers, but we haven’t yet decorated our iPad backs or cases with anything since we are rarely using them in stand up mode for an extended period of time.  With a quality case and keyboard like this one, we could use this every day to replace our laptops and show off the Zagg case and keyboard to clients who are all having the same issue we do.  Send us the case, and we’ll give it to a different person in our company every week.  Once we exhaust internal use, we’ll run a contest to let our clients borrow it for a week at a time and then eventually give it away as a prize to the client who sends us the best looking picture.  One of our clients has purchased about 75 iPads in the last year and gives them to sales reps all over the country who are in front of medical professionals in healthcare facilities every day.  Maybe you should send one of these cases to our client as well?

  5. Kathy Brunetti

    I teach 4th grade in a rural district and I live about 30 miles away from my school.  I have started using my iPad in place of my laptop because of the same reasons you mentioned such as it being lighter and the battery lasting so much longer.  I am constantly updating my lesson plans or recording ideas for science activities where ever I am and a full sized key board would be much handier.  I have found several science and math apps for the iPad, so I let my students use the iPad in class and an external key board would be easier for my students to use.


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