UPS Uses Web App to Manage Its Fleet – You Can, Too!

Fleet management is a headache and nothing sucks more than having to deal with unexpected elements like construction, accidents and bad weather. Not only do you have to deal with all this, but you’re also keeping a close eye on fuel, one of the precious resources that run your business.

If you want a solution to help you easily manage everything from a web portal, you should use a routing application that you can access through any computer with Internet access. No matter where you are, many companies offer you a routing management solution on the go. UPS already uses cutting-edge software to manage routes, conserving fuel by using simple methods like allocating more right turns on the route. Yes, something as simple as avoiding turning left can help make routes faster and more fuel-efficient.

Worried about price? I’m sure you’ll find very reasonable prices with some of the best web-based route management providers.

We have, for one example, C2Logix, a company that just unveiled C2RouteApp about a year ago. Through C2RouteApp, you can have control over your route, taking care of minute aspects that can minimize the number of vehicles you dispatch to one location. There are a ton of features and I can spend an entire day talking to you about how it works. But why do that when you can read their brochure? Their starting price is at $34 a month, allowing you to make a route for $1.50.

Roadnet¬†boasts an ability to evaluate driver performance. It also allows you to see any missed time windows, helping you reconsider your business strategy for an uptick in efficiency. Many of the features that C2Logix offers are available also through Roadnet’s applications. Not only that, but you’ll also be using software provided by the United Parcel Service (UPS).

If you’re serious about running your fleet, you’d choose a routing management application that’s right for your business and your budget, and you’ll end up saving tons in the long run!

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