Book Review: Found It – A Field Guide For Mom Entrepreneurs (Great Book For Every Newbie Biz Owner)

I remember staring my first business “Family Computer Consulting Services” over 12 years ago. I had no clue what I was doing and just grew my business, helping clients, by the seat of my pants. I did have Inc Magazine which helped give me insight on how other businesses were growing and the challenges they faced, but that’s about it. I dissolved the business (it was profitable!) and morphed into .

I wish I had Jill Salzman’s book “Found It. A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs”.

Her easy to read book, with cute imagery, is focused on moms and their entrepreneurial journey but (shh) it’s really a great field guide for a dad or anyone starting their business.

The book is chock full of short, to the point and very useful information, in fact 51 tips, including a resource section.

Some of the tips include, tip number 20, “Connect Like An Expert”.

Instead of trolling LinkedIn for relatively loosely connected affiliations, why not check out your school alumni pages or your local community for those who you really know. Tell them about your new business, then network with them online.

Practical, right?

Jill Salzman’s book, “Found It. A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs” is all about practical information and insight to help you.

Want to save money hiring help? Read Jill’s tips on hiring interns, virtual assistants and bartering.

In many households moms are in charge of what the family is eating – Jill address who to get dinner ready and run your own business too.

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