Email Marketing Service War Continues: GetResponse Templates Get Improved

We all (well most of us) use email marketing to reach out customers, some of the popular email marketing services include:

  • Constant Contact
  • Vertical Response
  • iContact (bought by Vocus)
  • Mail Chimp
  • Get Response
  • Emma
  • Campaigner
  • Infusionsoft (but so much more)
  • Aweber (but so much more)
  • and I could go on

While many of these services are similar their are some differences.

One difference that GetResponse has recently upgraded to its templates is how it helps you create your email newsletter with templates.

A few of the updates that GetResponse has, which are pretty unique include:

  • Base Layouts: Start from scratch using frameworks in one- to four-column formats
  • Drag-and-Drop Blocks Library: Add buttons, icons, text blocks, images and customized elements with one click
  • Predesigned Templates: Create a beautiful newsletter in an instant and tweak the design in minutes
  • Smart Image Editing: Scale, resize, crop, and more – inside Email Creator
  • Email Creation History: View the history of each newsletter design and easily undo any changes
  • Snippets Archive: Save and reuse content snippets across many newsletters
  • Time Travel: Schedule newsletter for delivery to recipients at the same local time all over the world
Email marketing is very powerful and the templates you use for your email marketing go far in how responsive your audience will be. Of course the CONTENT is most important, but how it LOOKS is also important.

While I know for sure that elements of some or all of these are in other email programs, all of the features are not in all of them. I really like how Mail Chimp has the delivery schedule feature. I also like how easy Constant Contact can edit images and also drag and drop editing blocks. It’s now, however to see these features and more in one system.

Of course Vertical Response and Constant Contact are going head to head way beyond templates but also with social media engagement as well!

One thought on “Email Marketing Service War Continues: GetResponse Templates Get Improved

  1. Craig Weiss

    I love GetResponse’s email creator beta, but it lacks several features¬†

    a. The Text to Speech is available only in their original email creator program, which stinks
    b. You cannot add any social media push to the beta e-mail product, so readers cannot send them to their social media channels
    c. There is no forward to a friend capability
    d. As a result of no forward to a friend capability, there is not an ability for said friend to subscribe
    3. their tracking is strange.


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