Google Launched Google Drive (File Synch) Today. Will Dropbox Users Switch Or Yawn?

I”ve been a long time Dropbox user and have over 50GB of files stores on Dropbox. Mainly video files (and other things) in various stages of editing with my video editor (she’s in Bulgaria – talk about an international company).

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google launched its new Drive service today, offering online and synchronized computer storage of files. I’m going to try it out.

For me the money is not the first thing on my mind (what’s cheaper or more expensive). For me it’s about ease of use, experience and integration into the day to day products and services I use.

I’ll let you know what I think of Google’s new service as I use it.

Other products in this space include Microsoft Skydrive, Yousendit, Box and Sugarsync.

Read my review of 6 file synchronization services here.

What do you think?

For those users not in Google’s ecosystem there might not be a big reason to switch. But for those using Google Apps, Google Hangout and other Google online services – the integration offers a pretty compelling reason to switch.

Keep in mind, the file sync pie is big enough for several vendors – not one vendor needs to “lose” for others to “win”. If Dropbox keeps doing well and offering value I think it will be just fine.

Time will tell – no use predicting an uncertain future.


3 thoughts on “Google Launched Google Drive (File Synch) Today. Will Dropbox Users Switch Or Yawn?

  1. Ethan_Oberman

    Google has definitely been one of
    the more innovative companies since its inception, so the market will
    have high expectations for how Google Drive might change the way we work
    within the cloud. With a mantra of ‘Do No Evil’, it will be interesting to see how
    Google integrates cloud storage with the efforts its putting into
    growing its social media platform, Google Plus. There is obviously a
    very fine line between harvesting consumer data across Google platforms
    for a ‘richer experience’ versus the potential reality that every step
    we take on Google’s turf is recorded and analyzed. How Google addresses
    the 800 pound gorilla knocking on the door – privacy – will define how
    the company is widely perceived by the public. Google Drive will be a
    key part of this test.- Ethan Oberman, CEO of cloud storage provider SpiderOak


    • Ramon Ray

      Ethan thanks so much for your insight on this
      Ramon Ray, Editor and Technology Evangelist,

      – Sent from my phone (but most likely not while I’m driving or watching a movie with my family) –


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