Networking Beyond the Business Card – Ramon Ray Speaks with Connie Kadansky On The Art of Networking

Ramon Ray, Editor of, recently spoke with sales coach Connie Kadansky about the art of networking beyond business cards.

In the interview, he spoke about effective self-promotion, citing some surefire tips to help jump-start your small business.  These tips include:

  • Learn how to self-promote. “If you don’t toot your own horn, there will be no music,” Kadansky quoted during the interview. Ray said successful self-promotion is done one blog post, one engaging speech at a time. While self-promotion may be difficult for those who aren’t prone to bragging, building a successful business requires letting people know who you are and what you do.
  • You never know who’s paying attention. Even though you may feel as though no one is listening, often you’ll find there are many quiet listeners. People may follow you for years and never introduce themselves. Consider that everything you write or say can have an influence over someone who might be able to help your business grow.
  • Be interested in other people. Those who are good at self-promotion are interested in helping others. By being a giver, you actually interest people in getting to know what you do. Take every chance to elevate others.
  • Narrow your focus on promoting what you do. If  you sell water bottles, Ray said as an example, make sure your social media posts and blogs revolve around water. Become known as the guru of water. This helps build your brand. Separate your personal from professional. If you have a social media page for friends and family, keep that for friends and family only. Your public persona should be all about your business.
  • Make an in-person connection. If you’re interested in doing business with someone, find a way to meet them in person and shake their hand. Ray has found that these in-person meetings are more effective than contacting someone by e-mail. If meeting in person is impossible, Ray suggests finding a colleague you have in common and asking for a referral. Once you have made that connection, try contacting that person regularly with tips and ideas for ways you can help their business.
  • Be consistent. Persistence helps a small business win. You can’t give up on day one. Keep trying.
  • Use resources available to you. Ray highly recommends learning about technology tools that can help you maximize your time. Services like HootSuite and TweetDeck, for example, can help maximize your Twitter account. He also recommends small businesses participate in LinkedIn, which is a great way to find those who are close to you geographically so that you can arrange that in-person meeting,

You can listen to the full interview and all of Connie’s tips here.

Connie Kadansky participated in Ray’s Small Business Technology Summit, held in early March in New York. Ramon Ray’s book, Technology Resources for Growing Businesses, is currently available on Amazon.

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