Three Missing Ingredients To Small Business Technology: Training, Measuring and Innovation

Read this full article I wrote for the BBC here.

Technology is one of the most important aspects of business that make businesses well-oiled and optimally-productive machines.

Technology is often what separates those businesses that are able to respond quickly, act pre-emptively, thoroughly please customers and enable optimal communication and collaboration within and without the organisation, from those who are not able to do these things.

Over the years, I’ve observed that while many companies strive to use technology as best they can, some do it better than others. There are three fundamental hurdles that companies are not clearing in their overall use of optimising technology.

What’s lacking from business technology is:

  • Training (education)
  • Measuring technology ROI (return on investment)
  • Continued innovation

While many small businesses are inundated with offers to implement social media campaigns, buy new mobile gadgets or do more with cloud computing, once purchased there is little, if any, follow up to ensure a maximum return on investment is leveraged from these technology investments.

Here’s why training, measurement and continued innovation are so important.

Read this full article I wrote for the BBC here.


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    I would add that it is equally important that the impact of training is evaluated. Otherwise, a business may never really know whether or not the training accomplished what was expected. In fact, any training provider or consulting firm worth its salt should be able to assess both the need for specific training as well as demonstrate the intended and actual impact of that training.

    • Ramon Ray

      Any examples in your business on this?