Macs Aren’t As Secure Anymore – You’d Best Learn to Stay Safe

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The fact that you’re running Mac OS or Linux doesn’t make you totally immune to infections. A lot of users of these operating systems tout that their computers cannot get infected, but this could not have possibly been further from the truth. You can easily Google “Linux viruses” and see a whole list of viruses that have infected Linux systems in the past. Do the same for “Mac viruses.”

Any operating system with a viable Internet connection is vulnerable to an infection. The question is: Are you willing to risk your system’s integrity when things like the Flashback virus have been crawling around the Web?

The only reason Windows computers have been targeted by so many viruses is because so many people use them. Microsoft has a high market share on the personal computing market. Of course, Apple’s been gaining more ground lately, and we’ve been seeing reports of more vulnerabilities in their computers. The secret is in the application programming interface (API), which the operating system uses to communicate with hardware. Any program can be written to make use of an operating system’s API maliciously. Just invite a programmer to write a virus for an operating system, and he/she will write it without batting an eyelash.

With all that said, you need a solution nowadays that not only protects your computer, but also protects your entire browsing session, encrypting information that you type into a browser form and checking your computer for malware activity, preventing it from reaching you before you even have a chance to execute it.

Currently, one company offers such a solution that can give you all of these features for free. Hotspot Shield not only gives you a VPN with anonymous browsing and malware verification, but also gives you a dedicated network when you subscribe to their paid package.

Their product runs on Macs, Windows PCs, iOS, and Android. This means you have no reason to worry about compatibility and all the more reasons to quickly switch over to a more secure browsing environment! We hope to see more of these kinds of solutions pop up in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Macs Aren’t As Secure Anymore – You’d Best Learn to Stay Safe

  1. Aaln

    The notion that Windows users are attacked more because of the popularity
    of the operating system is not at all accurate. If popularity was the
    main factor in hacker’s attacks, then the entire Internet would have
    been brought down years ago.

    The reason Windows users have suffered as much as they have, is because
    of the operating system architecture, the way it was designed, which
    allows for easy penetration with or without the users’ help.

    While it’s true that there is malware available for Mac OSX and Linux
    operating systems, the truth of the matter is that these are not nearly
    as numerous, effective, or destructive as the ones targeting MS
    products. Case in point: After acquiring Skype recently, Microsoft
    migrated Skype’s servers to an all Linux infrastructure for security

    From a business perspective, companies big and small should take the
    safest possible route to ensure that their most valuable assets are
    protected. This means implementing sound corporate policies, sound
    security practices, and sound technology choices. The city of Munich
    updated thousands of its computers to run Linux, and the rest of the
    country is planning on following suit.

    So, yes, you will be much safer using Linux or Mac OSX.


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