Rackspace’s Cloud Certification Program – Cheesy or Useful for IT Professionals?

Rackspace recently launched a Cloud Computing Certification program so that IT professionals can learn more about cloud computing and show their proficiency in it through taking a 10 quizzes with 10 questions each and a 50 question final exam.

So many IT professionals already know quite a bit about cloud computing and many are learning on the job and from their peers.

At first blush a “cloud certification” program sounded a bit lame to me. But upon reflection I realize that education and proving that education is so important for those who want to be promoted and hired and for those doing the hiring and promotion.

Rackspace’s program is a nice “feather in the cap” for that IT professional who wants to learn but also prove what they know, within their company or for outside employment.

Cisco and Microsoft have extensive certifications in their products and these have become gold standards for knowledge and assessment of that knowledge for many IT companies – separating the boys from the men (as it were).

One thought on “Rackspace’s Cloud Certification Program – Cheesy or Useful for IT Professionals?

  1. Peter Fretty

    Education is power. And such a route may prove useful, especially as SMBs work to streamline their IT through a mixture of cloud computing and virtualization solutions. Considering how many different avenues people can take — and all the confusion around what cloud means, a certification offer seems in order. VMWare also offers self assessments to help guide people along the way while providing vendor neutral advice. 


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