Reivew: Epson MegaPlex – Big Sound. Big Picture. Projector For Business (and fun). iPad Dock Too.

Most data projectors are pretty much the same. You connect your VGA cable to your notebook computer and use your presentation clicker to advance the presentation. Most every data projector you’ll ever use  is like that.

Over the weekend I tried out Epson’s MegaPlex MG-850HD data projector which is quite different.

This is the projector your kids will move from your home office to the living room and your staff will put in their rec room.

What really stands out about Epson’s projector is that  it’s perfectly designed to show videos from your iPad or iPhone (or other Apple compatible devices). You open a built in docking station, place your iPad in it and you can listen to music or watch videos on the data projector, from your iPad. Really snazzy and nice.

The second nice (but simple) feature is the “coffee” button. Press this button to pause the movie (or whatever else) you’re watching and have a bright light shine. No need to step on toes in a dark room.

I like the manual zoom and keystone controls. Some projectors have the keystone control in the menu – which is a pain to get to sometimes.

This projector is full of a variety of audio and video input including HDMI, RCA and of course VGA.

For $700 you’re getting a powerful multi-media centerpiece – use it as a audio stereo system and show presentations and videos on it with pride! It’s bright (2800 lumens), it’s vibrant (3LCD 3 chip technology) and the sound is stellar (2 10 watt speakers)

Here’s my video review of it here – or below:

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