Technology Is Advancing, Don’t Leave Your Employees Behind

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We’ll start with one simple question: How long has it been since the modern tablet PC was introduced? Microsoft introduced its Tablet PC concept in 2001 and, only 11 years later, we find ourselves in a whole new world governed by these little machines. That’s only one example of how technology has really come forward.

There are currently hundreds of ways in which business technology has changed for the better within the last three years alone, especially with the introduction of several Cloud-based systems that tout many different features, as well as several variations of “as a service” solutions.

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to give up on embracing the torrents of advancements made in technology throughout the last decade. While large businesses are quick to adopt new forms of technologies (i.e. Cloud-based PBX and surveillance), they tend to lag a bit when it comes to training employees to use these products properly.

Check out Ramon’s full article on D&B


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  • Fax Authority

    On top of some businesses leaving their employees behind when it comes to new types of technology, it’s amazing how many businesses also leave their employees behind with old technology – hardware is so cheap these days, but some companies choose to keep a $75,000 a year employee plugging away on an antiquated piece of hardware just to save a few hundred dollars… there’s usually “across the company” financial justification, but sometimes HR has a better perspective on employee productivity than the Finance department…

  • Peter Fretty

    “Businesses are quick to adopt new forms of technologies, they tend to lag a bit when it comes to training employees to use these products properly.” Great argument for BYOD since buy-in resistance is nonexistent and people are eager to learn new ways to utilize their technology. Of course, with this approach its crucial to embrace a few technologies to protect the business as well include MDM solutions and virtualization solutions like VMWare as well as security tools to provide yet protect.