Want Your Own Data Center But Don’t Have Enough Space? There’s a Solution For That!

While this applies mostly to tech-based businesses that require a large amount of tech resources to get in-house stuff managed, we won’t exclude everyone else. If we had it our way, every small business would have a little data center somewhere.

In some cases, you would be better off crunching numbers in-house in the long run instead of relying on some monthly subscription that claims to save you money. In many cases, you’ll save money with the Cloud or renting servers. The thing is not to go for something because everyone else is doing it. What if you could start your own data center? How would things change? How would your business benefit?

If you were able to answer any of those questions with a positive answer, you might really need to consider getting your own “stack o’ servers” instead of piggybacking on another company’s bandwidth for some monthly fee that may or may not be exorbitant compared to what you’d pay for maintenance. There are services that would offer you a properly-sized data center even for a tiny IT closet. With your own small IT infrastructure, you can take full control over resources you choose to spend. These solutions often require little to no maintenance by an IT professional, giving you savings opportunities that can’t easily be surpassed by relying on an off-site data center.

Whether you want to dedicate a server room or fit a compact data center inside a network closet, you’re going to enjoy these two opportunities:

  • Infrastruxure, by Schneider Electric – This solution involves a fully customized IT infrastructure for any business of any size, whether you’re putting your servers into a dedicated room or cramming a couple of them into a small space in an office. Once you’ve ordered and installed one, Infrastruxure is designed to let you continue adding more units as you desire, giving you a fully scalable solution without forcing you to rush and squander funds on something you’re not ready for yet.
  • Dell vStart – Dell’s vStart line allows you to have a “data center in a box” with a fully-optimized rack setup and a touch interface that lets you access any server from it. The product is ready-to-go, meaning that you can just start using it right when the guys that come over have finished plopping it where you want it and plugging in the power cord.

For both Dell’s vStart and Schneider’s Infrastruxure, you’ll have to call them and ask for the pricing for your particular needs. For Infrastruxure, you can just get a quote on their site. After you’ve found out the pricing for the offered products and services, determine whether their solutions would offset what it would cost you to rent hosting from a managed IT provider or data center.

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  1. Peter Fretty

    HP and VMWare have teamed up to offer similar systems oriented specifically towards the SMB marketplace. They also have a self assessment (j.mp/vmvirt) for businesses to get started. 


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