Why Poor IT Planning May Disappoint Mom This Month

Strangely enough, a number of companies don’t have any idea what a shutdown of their IT infrastructures could do to their businesses. Right now, we’re seeing an evergreen shift to IT infrastructures in companies that used to rely on pen and paper. While this change has made things simpler, people have a tendency to take it for granted and not consider the possibility of a disaster.

This month, we’re celebrating and honoring our mothers. Do you have a flower shop? If you do, you’re in trouble if your IT infrastructure won’t properly compensate for heavy orders.

As an example, CEO Dave Laurello of Stratus went to a flower shop a few years ago to show his appreciation to his mother. Unfortunately, the shop did not have the flowers necessary because their server shut down after being overloaded with orders. Are you ready to lose a ton of money because you didn’t make a simple investment in proper IT solutions?

Stratus took a sizable survey of businesses’ attitudes towards their own IT infrastructures. Here are the results:

  • 29% of businesses don’t take customer dissatisfaction in consideration as a loss from IT downtime.
  • 38% of businesses don’t believe their company’s reputation is at stake when customers experience downtime.
  • 81% of businesses don’t consider that they’ll lose goods from downtime, and
  • 45% of businesses don’t believe that they’ll lose money when a shutdown happens.

All of these beliefs are myths today. Right now, we’re living in a digital age when almost everyone places orders online. When people rely heavily on the Internet, it’s time to consider making a bigger investment in it.

In some cases, a proper IT infrastructure can be more important to maintain than the cold cement of a building. It’s not rocket science! The new lifeblood of a business now lies in the network cables connecting it to the world. Make an investment in it and never forget that your customers will be happy for it.

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Miguel Leiva-Gomez is the owner of The Tech Guy, a blog that presents futuristic and current news about technology with a light touch of humor, catering to the average consumer and prospective investor. Miguel has been working with computers and gadgets for more than a decade, working together with people to help them solve their problems and breaking down complex concepts into simple bite-sized pieces that the average Joe can chew.

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  1. Peter Fretty

    Amazing to think that so many businesses fail to deploy a proper IT infrastructure today. Data and tech are such an crucial part of daily operations — even for SMBs. Virtualization-based back-up and recovery is cost effective option and VMWare offers a great self analysis tool to help SMBs get started (j.mp/vmvirt). 


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