App of The Week: TopicBuzz From InboundWriter

What if we told you that there is an application out there that hinted on what you should write about? What if there was an application that told you what’s popular out on the Web and gave you, at the same time, the tools you needed to write a compelling story that falls into Google’s good graces?

Whether you’re using your website for selling your product or a service, you’re bound to run into problems when trying to get your search engine optimization (SEO) together. Google’s recent algorithm updates have made it more difficult to rank higher. What should you do in this situation?

You need a solution that helps you get noticed on the Web, but also doesn’t make you change your strategy as a business. People should be able to find your site without you changing what you sell or who you are.

Enter InboundWriter’s new module, called TopicBuzz. This new feature of InboundWriter searches through Twitter using certain data mining algorithms and attempts to find the most popular subjects related to what documents you save on the application, allowing you to get an insight on what other people are saying about the subject. TopicBuzz allows you to get a grasp on what you should be writing about and how you should present it to get the attention of your readers while engaging them.

With TopicBuzz, you’ll get a popular article on a subject similar to what you write about, the handle of the person who tweeted about it, and the hashtag used to gather attention from followers. This lets you write your own unique content, perhaps commenting on the matter, and getting a bit of that Twitter juice yourself.

It’s not a failsafe method. Wherever you pop your head out of the water where others have been, you’re bound to find a lot of competition. This is, however, a good first step to getting social network marketing kudos in the long run. Google takes note on how well your article is shared through recognized social networks, so your marketing strategy counts a lot.

While using InboundWriter, you’ll also get several SEO suggestions to help your website cater to the world’s largest search engines and maintain a stable ranking on them. As long as you’ve got the smarts to do it, the tool will give you an insight you never thought possible. Coupled with TopicBuzz, you can go beyond this and improve your social media campaign as well.

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Miguel Leiva-Gomez is the owner of The Tech Guy, a blog that presents futuristic and current news about technology with a light touch of humor, catering to the average consumer and prospective investor. Miguel has been working with computers and gadgets for more than a decade, working together with people to help them solve their problems and breaking down complex concepts into simple bite-sized pieces that the average Joe can chew.

One thought on “App of The Week: TopicBuzz From InboundWriter

  1. Frank Woodman Jr

    This app sounds like the magic bullet that we can use to better stay current with what’s happening and who’s making it happen. Those facts alone don’t guarantee success but they sure make it easier for a person to be more productive and active in what people are interested in. Thanks so much for the info. 


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