Buying A New Computer Soon? Staples Wants You To Have Windows 8, Training and More

At $300 – $500 buying a new computer is a big decision for many of you. In fact often you’re not just buying one computer but buying several of them, so the costs add up.

I know Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and other vendors often have great sales and competitive prices throughout the year. Online and in store retails such as CDW, Staples and Best Buy often have great deals too – but sometimes these deals get even better.

Staples has a nice deal where if you buy a new computer they’ll give you a $15 prepaid Visa card to cover the $14.99 upgrade cost to Windows 8 and about $10o worth of training and phone support.

Check out the offer here.



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  • Freedom Jackson

    Cool post I had been thinking about switching to windows 8 but I was stopped when I remembered that every single time I have tried to do that went over like ter d in the punch bowl. 

    Microsoft’s main product has been suffering maybe billy g should leave the African kids alone and get back to technology?