Paranoid About Data Security? Consider Two-Factor Authentication To Be More Secure

Two factor authentication is all about having two layers of security – it’s often what you know (like a password) and what you have (like a changing security code generated by a 3rd party service that you must enter each time to access a device or software).

Another way to increase your level of protection is to encrypt your keystrokes. Sounds overboard but sophisticated hackers are using software and other technology to capture your keystrokes as you type!

According to a recent data breach study by Verizon, businesses with 11 to 100 employees are by far the most targeted groups being attacked, over 4 times more than the second highest group (101 to 1000).  Most of these attacks come from the outside using keylogging malware.

Anti-virus programs are simply not enough says George Waller, EVP of StrikeForce

If you want to boost your data security consider going beyond traditional security solutions (which you still need) and adding keystroke encryption and two factor authentication to your security arsenal.

5 thoughts on “Paranoid About Data Security? Consider Two-Factor Authentication To Be More Secure

  1. Kelsey Egglesfield

    At a time when many organizations are struggling to figure out which methods of security are best suited for their company, I think it is about time that others start to follow suit and offer 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), where users can telesign into their account. It’s very important that the leading companies in their respective verticals are giving users the appropriate additional layer of authentication for access and transaction verification without unreasonable complexity.

      • Marty_Jost

        Considering the number of reported breaches last year, and the growing threats to small businesses and companies implementing mobile devices, I would highly recommend any business that is online, whether to sell to customers or provide access for employees, use two-factor authentication. The question then becomes, how can a business with limited resources and staff, deploy 2 factor in a cost effective way?  The answer is to outsource.  There are cloud-based solutions such as Symantec VIP Service by Symantec, where I work, that eliminate the complexity of doing everything yourself and dont require a business to deploy any special software infrastructure in-house. This option makes 2 factor authentication affordable for all businesses.

  2. fireproofsocks

    Ironic that InfusionSoft does not offer two-factor authentication or IP address filtering on their web dashboard, and the dashboard allows viewing of full credit card numbers (!). (May 2014).

    • Ramon Ray

      Hey Everett thanks. Security is very important to Infusionsoft. So far we’ve had a great track record of security and we will keep getting better and better at it. Thanks for your suggestion re two factor authentication


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