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In the 1990s, only large global corporations and other sizable organizations had a web presence of some sort. SEO wasn’t such a big word on the Web back then, but the Web wasn’t so competitive back then. It’s time to stop living in the 90s, though, and think about how your web presence can become more prominent.

Today, several businesses have invested a significant amount of time and resources in developing a web presence that’s more focused on marketing than anything else. While it’s an instinct that most businesses follow when trying to increase revenue, things work differently on the Internet. Right now, as far as the Internet is concerned, Google is the alpha and omega. If you don’t get into the search engine’s good graces, you’re going to fall behind and have to travel far and wide to get to the “promised land” of milk and honey (ergo, a large amount of visitors who convert).

Read the full article on D&B Credibility Corporation’s web site


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    Great article Ramon. Agree that providing quality informative content is critical to establish credibility and thought authority in an industry. Provide value up front then they’ll be hungry to learn more!