All Teens Are Not On Social Media. They Check Email Too (Survey Shows)

For some reason, we think that EVERY teenager is on social media and forsaking email. Sure, MANY are using email, quite a bit, but many are also still actively using email, says a survey by email services company AWweber.

In a survey they took of almost 1,000 high school and college students they found that 93% prefer email and mobile phones, followed by Facebook and other social media sites.

Key take aways from the survey indicate:

  • Email remains a valuable channel for teens, used by 93% of the survey participants. Of the 93% of teens with mobile phones, 53% use their phones regularly to access email.
  • Younger generations live their lives online, with 91% of teens spending up to 30 hours per week on the Internet.
  • Teens quickly adapt to the changing technological landscape. When asked how they would react if their favorite communication channel disappeared, 43% of participants mentioned the ability to easily replace one social network with another.

Read the full study here.



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