Automated Virtual Assistance: Job Killer vs Tech Productivty Boost?

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From Honda’s ASIMO robot, to flat panel screens loaded with artificial intelligence software, we’ve made some outstanding progress in automated personal assistance. We live in a world where we’ll soon be guided through a facility by a robot that doesn’t eat, doesn’t take breaks, doesn’t take sick days off, and performs exactly how it’s programmed to do so.

Every business owner’s dream is to automate business processes as much as possible, but are we going too far?

Is automated virtual assistance going to factor in significant job loss? Let’s look to the past. A long time ago, about a quarter of the American population was working in some sort of agricultural job. That figure sharply dropped to three percent by 2003. Today, machines do the seed collection, the planting, the plowing, and practically every other function that used to take many people to accomplish. Those who worked at farms found jobs at factories.

Check out my full post on D&B Credibility Corporation’s web site

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