Book Review: Pinfluence – The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest

I LOVE all the cool tools that developers are creating – leveraging the power of the Internet to enabling sharing of content – video, audio, text. It’s great. But I do think that many business owners are side tracked and think they need yet a new strategy for content marketing.

Overall, people are SEARCHING online – to be entertained or to be informed or to fulfill an immediate need (often they are buying something). In order to find what they are looking for most people are using some form of search engine, be that Google or Yelp.

These search engines, for the most part rely on existing content to know where best to direct people to.

Businesses who the most relevant content will get the most traffic and will thus get the most attention from the browsing and searching public.

This is a big simplistic, but this is the OVERALL secrete to successful online marketing.

I just finished reading Beth Hayden’s book “Pinfluencer: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business With Pinterest”. It’s a thorough and well written book – especially since Pinterest is relatively so new.

Her book takes you through the specific mechanics of posting and using Pinterest, but more importantly it gives you specific strategies of what to do right  to succeed in using Pinterest. For example, don’t name a board “vacations” but in stayed Family friendly Caribbean vacations. This kind of specificity is what works on Pinterest.

Her book is filled with practical insight.

However, the ONE piece of advice that I really like best is – WHY EVEN USE PINTEREST? She encourages you to THINK about this and develop a strategy.

Here’s my advice, first make sure your core Web site is well designed. Then work to have an engaging blog with regularly posted good content. Link the blog headlines to your web site. At the same time give users options to read your great content via an email newsletter. Next focus on Facebook and/or Twitter – post neat tid bits of information (you can curate it and find this information online and share with your audience).

Your web site and blog and email newsletter are ESSENTIAL for that outbound connections to your audience (customers!). And some social media platform is essential to ENGAGE with them and let them interact with you, you with them and them with others about you. It’s a perfect storm – you just have to harness.

This is your strategy for boosting sales online.

Ready for the next step. Work on nurturing relationships with your customers using sales and marketing software!

Want a copy of Pinfluencer mailed to you? Tell me why in the comments and I’ll mail one person my review copy!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Pinfluence – The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest

  1. Alessandro Avagliano

    Why a copy mailed from you? Because to read a copy of it coming from New York is cool !

  2. Candice McKenna

    I would love a copy! I am a student studying web design and SEO. Right now I am working on a Pinterest presentation for my web promotion class. It would be MUCH appreciated!!! I am seeking an SEO position upon graduating. Since you posted this in July of last year, I am hoping you still have your copy…?


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