GoDaddy Is Changing From Sexy Selling To Serious Business and Providing Biz Management Solutions

I’ve been a long time GoDaddy customer. Like many of you, I started using them as they had very cheap domains and I have over 100 or so. Like many of their competitors, including Network Solutions, they provide much more than domains but pretty much every web related online service you could want including web site building, web hosting, search engine optimization, email marketing and more.

What I have not understood is why GoDaddy chose to use sexy women to sell it’s brand. This is slowly changing.

If you look at GoDaddy’s web site, there is a male race car driver and the site is much more business focused. You can still find videos with scantly clad ladies, but there surely is a shift from sexy selling to business solutions selling.

Another big shift is GoDaddy’s focus on providing business solutions beyond online marketing solutions – they bought (a financial management service) recently.

Instead of just providing online services, my guess is that GoDaddy will begin to provide a holistic number of solutions to small businesses and of course compete more aggressively with other small business focused companies – including Intuit.

GoDaddy was founded by Bob Parsons (a former Marine), who I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Now that GoDaddy is in the hands of new owners, look for new and fresh changes.

One thought on “GoDaddy Is Changing From Sexy Selling To Serious Business and Providing Biz Management Solutions

  1. Nicole McCullum

    Ramon, like you I’m a longtime Godaddy customer. I wasn’t aware that they bought Outright which I subscribe too and personally I think it’s a great tool to help small businesses manage their bookkeeping and finances.


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