Have You Tested Your Backup Solution Lately? (Infographic)

If you’re reading this, you probably have a backup solution stowed away somewhere deep in the jungle of the Internet. You’re probably thinking about how simple life is when you have the ability to restore those files straight to your systems. What if you learned that backing up something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it back at the time you want?

When disaster strikes, you’re probably going to get those files, but you might not get them when you really wanted them. Every hour in the delay loses you precious traffic and cash, eventually leaving you in a deep state of panic. What are you going to do now?

According to BUMI, a company that specializes with innovative backup solutions, almost all people using a backup solution consider a “more than a day” recovery unacceptable. But how do you know if your recovery process will take that long?

Here’s an infographic released by the company with the results of a survey on companies using backup solutions:

Fortunately, there’s a solution that helps you ensure that your recovery will go as smoothly as possible. The solution is possible through a business you already know: Your own. Yes, you can test your own backup solution by recovering your data in a “drill recovery” that will fill up a dummy drive or partition with the information. It’s not extraordinarily hard, and you can do this once per quarter.

About a quarter of respondents to the survey never test their backup solutions. This leads to a concern regarding the ability or them to recover from disasters. Do you really want to put your company in that much risk? Testing these things should usually be as easy as flipping on a switch. If your recovery isn’t easy, then you probably shouldn’t be using it.

Many companies told BUMI that they’d lose hundreds, even thousands, of dollars with one hour of downtime. Some couldn’t put a figure on the amount of money they’d lose in an hour. The problem rests not only in money, but the customer relationships that are damaged when they see a website that doesn’t load. You lose not only the opportunity to have newer clients, but you also bite your customers slightly by having a downed site for more than a day, especially if they rely on your business a lot.

Don’t become a statistic. Put that pointer finger to work and left-click on the “recover” button (or whatever it’s called). It will not only give your pointer finger nicer muscle tone in the long run, but will also give you the satisfaction of knowing how your backup solution performs in the face of a crisis when you most need it.

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    • Miguel Leiva-Gomez

      Sometimes, it’s very prudent to have an on-site backup as well. 3TB drives are going around over here for about $200. Back in the States, I’ve been hearing you can get them even cheaper. They’re awesome for backups and clones. I’ll be getting one myself soon to add another on-site backup terminal to my servers.


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