Hit The ‘Send’ Button With Confidence – How To Ensure Your Correspondence is Secure

Although today it is common for storage and data to be encrypted, email has remained a weak link in digital security. Although email encryption suites have been on the market for years, the majority of implementations have been limited to special needs and high end clients who could afford the premiums involved with implementing the systems. Encryption has always been a must for legal, accounting, and medical firms but with recent regulations making companies liable for data breaches it is crucial for all companies, no matter the industry, to ensure that their security measures are at or above industry standards.

Before continuing it is important to have a basic understanding of why encrypting email is important. Typically when you send an email, your message travels through the web, bouncing across dozens of servers, in plain text for anyone to see. Even when using your email for business matters, chances are that every email you sent has been sent in plain text, meaning anyone with access to the servers carrying your email could view the contents without any barriers. At the best case scenario, if you are working in an enterprise you might have secure email between your colleges and other employees, but any email sent to non-corporate accounts likely falls back to plain text.

Without going into the fine details of email encryption, one of the biggest obstacles users face when enabling encryption on their servers is that the sender and recipient of any encrypted message must have the right software installed on their system to open the data. The process varies by vendor, which is why email encryption is difficult to use. While software for desktops and laptops is common,  encryption for mobile devices has only recently begun to take off.

For users seeking a simple to use platform, Voltage Security has recently released an update to their SecureMail system which provides a simple  “send secure”  button for users to secure their communications. Unlike many competing solutions which require complex server configurations or having users worry about certificates and other parts for the encryption; Voltage offers a “cloud” option, which simply means that they handle most of the heavy lifting. The Voltage SecureMail system works on desktops, mobile devices, and even in browsers (for those times you’re on a shared computer) and the encryption automatically kicks in as long as you are sending emails to another Voltage user (since the software handles all the encryption and decryption of the emails).

While using Voltage does not mean you will be able to encrypt all your online communications in one shot, the platform does make simplifying the majority of your corporate communications a breeze. At a price of only $65/user per year, Voltage is a very affordable option for even the smallest businesses that need extra security for their communications.

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