Two Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms Ideal For Small Businesses

Have you ever dreamed of a system that would let you know what your customers are talking about so you know exactly how to sell an idea to them? Have you ever come across difficulties using other customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and just thought it would be simpler to chase after leads yourself? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of businesses don’t really know where to start when using a new CRM interface and even more of them haven’t tried out CRM for themselves either because it’s too expensive or doesn’t seem to fit their needs.

Well, there are tons of solutions out there, so where do you start? A lot of small businesses hopping onto the bandwagon ask themselves, “What’s the best thing out there that does it all?” Unfortunately, there’s no way to integrate something that “does it all,” but we can certainly get so close you won’t really notice a difference.

Here are two CRM platforms that take home the medal for small enterprises:

  • Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft is known for the enormous price tag it puts on almost everything it touches. Just take a look at the historical prices of OEM copies of Windows. However, in the last few years, Microsoft has been feeling rather generous and calmed down with all the price hype especially as competitors started taking its market share. Microsoft CRM offers seamless integration into Outlook and gives you a series of metrics that help you match your sales to your customers. Its price is comparably lower than its competitors’ offers, giving you more punch with less dollars. Starting at $44 a month, this CRM could be yours.
  • MogoCRM – If you’re a big Google Apps user, perhaps you might not find Microsoft’s offer attractive. MogoCRM is a service completely integrated with Google Apps that gives you a seamless experience within a full CRM platform. You even get Twitter insights, which allow you to see who’s tweeting about your product. You get the full package for $132 per year ($11 per month) and pay $60 for the first year ($5 per month). This is perhaps the most affordable CRM solution for small businesses!

While you’re running your business, don’t forget about your customers. They are the key to achieving the best sales and shooting way above your targets.


About Miguel Leiva-Gomez

Miguel Leiva-Gomez is the owner of The Tech Guy, a blog that presents futuristic and current news about technology with a light touch of humor, catering to the average consumer and prospective investor. Miguel has been working with computers and gadgets for more than a decade, working together with people to help them solve their problems and breaking down complex concepts into simple bite-sized pieces that the average Joe can chew.

  • Ash

    Hey Miguel,

    I happened to get a running glimpse of MogoCRM. It’s cool that it finds integration with Google Apps and Twitter Insights — that should work great.

    You missed SugarCRM,, ZohoCRM, and Base CRM from FutureSimple. Maybe you’d want to write about those too, sometime?

    • Ramon Ray

      let’s not forget Infusionsoft too – I know my buddy Brent Leary covers LOTS of CRM services as well – so does Paul Greenberg

      • Ash

        Isn’t Infusionsoft for slightly larger companies with an existing database of customers?

        • miguel_gomez

          Their pricing seems to cater to the higher end of the SMB spectrum:

          It is a bit of a hefty price for some small businesses that are damaged in the current economic climate. But other businesses could certainly use the rich features and high level of support that Infusionsoft offers.

  • DebtCoachCanada

    I would recommend as a crm for solopreneurs and teams

    • Ash

      Me, the solopreneur :) Got to check this out

  • Jaime Lelleng

    Thanks for outlining these two platforms!

  • Jaime Lelleng

    I agree that Salesforce was definitely missing from this article. It’s presence as a CRM platform is
    huge, and for good reason. Most would put say it fits a larger company, but
    fits small businesses because of its flexibility and customization.

    • miguel_gomez

      What about the price point?

  • Patricia O’Donaghoe

    Microsoft Dynamic CRM is great for businesses as the familiar interface is easy to use and therefore has a good implementation rate.