App of the Week: KitApps – The App Creation Tool For Conferences and Events

One of the biggest hurdles in putting together a conference or event of any size – and it’s a hurdle that gets bigger with the more attendees you have – is communicating the details to your audience. Maps, speakers, tracks, exhibitors, sponsors – it all needs to be put out there for use, and usually this ends up being a highly colorful handout pack that is also highly expensive to produce.

An interesting alternative is to create an app for the event that the attendee can simply download and then view on their mobile device. A company called KitApps has done exactly this, and has done it with the attendee’s convenience in mind. Now on their mobile device, an attendee can do any of the following:

  • Get Maps. Maybe one of the most important functions to come from this; anyone can bring up Google Maps but not everyone will have an ‘in’ on where to go or what to do during the conference’s off hours. As the host, you can add hotels, local attractions, restaurants, and other areas of interest for all out-of-town attendees.
  • Get Schedules. You can provide a full schedule for your attendees to view, which is great in and of itself, but for even more convenience the attendees can personalize and access any time they want. No more brochures hiding at the bottom of backpacks.
  • View Speakers. Speaker information, including bios, photos, and contact information can be included for the attendee’s convenience.
  • Sponsors. Your sponsors are of course important to your conference, and this app can give them more exposure by having them featured.

The interesting part of this is that you can go in, register for free, and build your app in the company’s website…for free. This gives you a chance to try it out, upload images for the app’s splash screen and app icon (and view these in a simulated screen as a preview), and add all the information and categories you’d like to. Once you’ve added it all, which will take about 30 minutes (not counting, of course, the images and information you need to gather beforehand), you can purchase it for $249.

A demo of the process to show how easy it is can be found here.

When you consider the costs involved of printing, $249 will save a lot of grief down the road – as well as impress your attendees and make things easier for them to find.

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Michael Eckenfels

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