Conference Calling Putting a Hole In Your Wallet? Here’s A Solution To Make More Affordable Conference Calls

The laws of physics state that it’s not probable that we’ll invent a way for you to be in two places at the same time. However, they never mention anything about not being able to virtualize your presence in more than one place at the same time. We’re in an era where mobile phones have become a powerful influencer of how people conduct businesses. Conference calling from a mobile phone is rather easy now, but the prices can get a bit exotic.

Scheduling a vacation is virtually impossible when you have a meeting to attend while you’re out of town until you consider the possibility of conferencing with you and your employees without having to be in the premises. This is made possible with the advent of mobile conference calling. There’s a simple app called CrowdCall that makes sure you can get this done right from any iOS or Android phone.

With CrowdCall, you don’t have to jump through hoops to complete a full conference call. The app calls you from its own switch and the call starts. You also can call any phone, regardless of whether it has the app or not.

Randy Adams, CEO of SocialDial (the company that published CrowdCall), said, “Mobile devices are becoming the standard for business communication, and that means conference call hosts are increasingly initiating calls from mobile devices. Despite the fact that this is a multi-billion dollar market, nobody is innovating in the mobile conferencing space. We are excited that CrowdCall has reached the million call mark in just a few weeks and we look forward to continued growth with our new feature-rich updates.”

That’s not the beautiful part of it, though. CrowdCall has a system that allows you to establish a plan that includes covered calls in 40 different countries. The plan costs $0.00 for 500 minutes! For more minutes, they have premium plans: $9.99 for 1000 minutes, $49.99 for 10,000 minutes, and $99 for unlimited monthly calling.

If you are a heavy-duty conference caller, this is the ideal app that allows you to include employees and freelancers around the world in your conversations. Collaboration has never been easier!

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2 thoughts on “Conference Calling Putting a Hole In Your Wallet? Here’s A Solution To Make More Affordable Conference Calls

  1. W3 Consulting

    This sounds like a fantastic tool to check out. I will definitely want to compare this against UberConference (web version, no smartphone apps yet) and Google Voice. (My understanding is that UberConference was starting by a former person connected to Google Voice, actually.) I’m guessing that these small companies are looking to build the groundwork for what Google Voice is lacking in conferencing technology to get bought by Google, but that’s just conjecture.


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